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Bouvardia Bouquet and More Options for the Finest Wedding Revelries

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Bouvardia White Flower

Bridal bouquets are among the most important elements of a wedding celebration. Both the bride and bridesmaids look forward to having the most harmonious and cheerful floral blooms being used in these accessories. Bouquets made up of bouvardia white flower, roses, lilies, gerberas and more are commonly seen. And, there are several styles in these assortments as well.

So, we have compiled the list of some of the most special assortment of these flowers that brides love to have for their wedding. Let us take a look –

  1. Cascade bouquet

One of the most popular and loved types of floral arrangements for wedding brides to be, a cascade bouquet can be looked upon as a waterfall of flowers that drapes down in the front. If you want to make a strong style statement while adoring that wedding gown, then having a cascade bouquet handy can be just a great idea.

  1. Hand-tied floral assortment

For brides who want a broader assortment of flowers in their bouquets, a hand tied option is simply the best option. You can throw in some of the fresh picked punk roses, along with lilies and gerberas amalgamated with greenery and use lace/ribbon to tie the flowers together. And, the natural magnificent look you get will leave you in awe.

  1. Pomanders

A ribbon handle at the top, perfectly round floral blooms and vibrant colors of fresh blooms, what else can you ask for in a bouquet to give a mesmeric appearance? That’s exactly how these pomander bouquets look. So if you love to stay stylish and simple at the same time, then choosing pomanders is just the perfect idea.

  1. Nosegays

And, if you want to emphasize more on the green element of the bouquet and lesser on the flowers, then these nosegays are just a match made in heaven for you. Due to their small and compact size, they are often a preferred choice as a bridesmaid bouquet. However, they can work wonderfully well as bridal bouquets.

These were just a few of the basic types. The options are virtually endless. In fact, you can even select your personal flowers to create the majestic bouquets for your wedding event. For instance, create a snow white like delightful bouvardia bouquet using white bouvardia flowers, or a keep it subtle and romantic by choosing the good old red roses for the bouquet.

So, you can see the options are virtually endless. It is up to you to decide. So, which one would you like to have for your wedding?

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