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Displaying Love with Flowers

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Love with Flowers

In the United States, we are still in the middle of the Corona Virus outbreak. It has dealt a major blow to weddings and the Wholesale Flowers industry. However, this is still an important opportunity to show and share our love with one another.

At Whole Blossoms we have a few creative options and ideas if you are still planning on getting married. First of all, this will soon pass and, eventually, everything will be back to normal. We are already seeing signs of this terrible virus slowing down in the states. You may even consider going ahead with wedding plans and preparing for a future date, perhaps even late summer, or even fall.

Some people, however, have still been ordering Wedding Flowers and are determined not to allow anything stand in the way of their love. Some couples have been planning a micro, micro wedding in their own homes with little (10 or less) or no guests. True love always wins and many have been decorating their own homes with beautiful floral arrangements. Some have even went as far as to suspend hanging Roses from the ceiling to give an outdoor garden feel. Stories like these are inspiring and a testament to love and devotion that is unwavering.

Roses from the ceiling

This is one way to show love during a very challenging and stressful time, not only in our country, but around the world.

There are other ways to show love and at Whole Blossoms we have come up with some exciting new selections that will allow you to share the love with someone who is hurting, down, or simply needs a little encouragement through these very difficult times.

We have added to our catalog our new collection called, Flower Gift Box. This exciting new collection allows you to send decorative packaging and fanciful roses in boxes that are both inspiring, and creative. Please check out this new section and see for yourselves. You can send them anywhere in the US and Canada and are excellent gifts to send to friends and family members you haven’t seen in a while to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them.

It is easy to get self isolated and during this time of social distancing. We are watching the news, moment by moment to see what is going to happen next. We are all hopeful this will pass, but it can be exhaustive. Many are very discouraged that they can’t visit their elderly parents or grandparents. The Flower Gift Box collection can really do a lot to remind them of your love. Studies have actually proven that receiving flowers can reduce anxiety and depression. They actually bring an instant smile and will do wonders. All of our boxes have been priced lower so you can send many out to others.

self isolation

We also have a great gift idea in which you can send to the medical professionals who are standing in the line of fire, risking their lives to fight this virus and keep everyone healthy and alive. We have read story after story of their heroism and courage, and their sense of duty, recently, we have read of a nurse in our area who shared a story of how she comes home and will not hug her children and sleeps in a room apart from her house, in case she has the virus. These are sad reminders of their sacrifice that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We have a selection called,Gifts For Doctors and Medical Professionals. These are waxed flowers that give off an amazing aroma, plus other arrangements in which you can send to your local doctors and professionals. We need to let them know how important they are to us and that their sacrifice is not taken lightly. They are some of the true heroes who live and breathe in our society today.

One last comment on this virus is how it has affected the ability to assemble for worship during the coming Easter holiday. Many who were anticipating on celebrating this joyous occasion will not be able to participate in group worship because of the social distancing, as everyone is doing their part to slow the spread.

It is times like these that we can take personal inventory and make note of thing things that are most important to us. Why not order some Easter Flowers and have your own personal time of worship and reflection. This can be more meaningful and actually confirm your love and faith in ways like no other time in the history of our world.

At Whole Blossoms, we are here for you; we care about you, your well-being, and health. Please follow all the CDC guidelines and don’t forget to show your love during the time of social distancing. Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or call us at 1-877-259-2566.

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