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13 DIY Wedding Ideas That Will Surprise and Delight

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diy wedding bouquet on table

You can save a lot of money on a wedding by getting creative with the products at ExpoCart. For some inspiration, let’s take a look at 13 of the very best DIY wedding ideas to make that special day sparkle.

Buy Wholesale Flowers for Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers add a natural feel to a wedding, whether they’re hanging over the tables or lining the aisle, leading beautifully to the altar. All you need are fresh cut wholesale flowers, wire wreaths and some sparkling embellishments to complete the look.

Swap-out the Guest Book

For a fun twist on the traditional guest book, design an eye-catching bucket list instead. Friends and family can then share their ideas on how to make your journey through life as newlyweds all the more special, whether that’s discovering wonderful places or finding your inner daredevil.

Leave Fun Facts at Each Table

While guests are waiting to eat, little cards showcasing wonderful memories of the two of you will add a nice personal touch to proceedings. It might be pictures of funny moments, milestones or surprising facts to get the conversations flowing at little expense.

diy wedding photos new

Bring the Wedding Program to Life

The wedding program offers a chance to get creative. Those with an artistic side could design cute illustrations of the main parties, from the bride and groom to the pageboys, which will bring the schedule to life and serve as a valued memento.

Bespoke Place Cards

Customized place cards add that extra level of detail befitting of such a significant event. There are so many possibilities with this one. Spray-painting miniature animal figures and attaching them to the cards is one suggestion for animal lovers, and especially those on a budget.

Customized Wedding Favours

Personalized wedding favours give you a chance to thank guests for attending while showcasing a side of you and your partner’s personalities. Those with green fingers could hand out sachets of sunflower seeds, for instance, while card game lovers might choose to customize their own deck for a fun and practical gift.

diy wedding favours

Delight Guests with a Tattoo Station

A DIY tattoo station is a great addition to any wedding reception, offering guests the chance to temporarily adorn themselves with special messages and cool designs. Kids will especially love these budget-friendly wedding favours, which can be pre-made with temporary tattoo paper.

A DIY Photo Booth

What better way to capture precious wedding moments than with a DIY photo booth. Instead of hiring, which can be expensive, setting up a camera and designing your own frame is a low-cost yet entertaining alternative. Simply hang some easy-to-read instructions, and leave out some fun props.

Recycled Flower Jars

Re purposing old jars for flower arrangements and seat reservations is a resourceful way to add a rustic feel to a wedding venue. They can be hung from the backs of seats with labels attached and containing beautiful flowers or used as centerpieces.

diy wedding couple

Decorative Wedding Plates

With a porcelain paint marker, you can personalize the wedding plates for that extra level of detail that guests will certainly appreciate. The lyrics to the song for the first dance or wedding vows circling a central design are two popular ideas, but the possibilities are endless.

Flowery Backdrop for Wedding Photos

A flower wall draped in fresh cut flowers represents an interesting and vibrant backdrop for wedding photos, complete with fabrics and a chair complementing the colour scheme. Friends and family will love this fresh take on the traditional wedding photo, and it doesn’t cost the world to make.

Polaroid Photo Banner

Display all your favorite photos of your time together so far with a photo banner. Not only will this showcase all your favorite moments to your loved ones, but it’s also a stylish decorative feature that will bring bare, boring walls to life at little expense.

wedding garden rose bouquets

Homemade Confetti Cones

Your confetti cones can be made from old paper you have lying around. That out-of-date road atlas, for instance, will certainly provide plenty of material for a colorful and interesting design, and they’re simple to make. The only extra thing you need is tape.

As you can see, a little creativity can go a long way to making that special day all the more personal and affordable. From bespoke wedding plates to customized wedding favours, there’s something for everyone with these handy tips and tricks.

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