Tips On Caring Gladiolus Flower

The Gladiolus flower is able to grow wonderfully in the warm breeze of the summer, they produce tall stems adorned with great attractive flowers; knowing how to take care of these flowers will price you with an amazing amount of colors as they will also be functional for you to use as cut flowers, which will make them the perfect flower to custom on a summer wedding.


Gladiolus Flower

Taking care of you Gladiolus flowers, especially after they bloom, will prepare them for winter, if you choose to grow them yourself or if you purchase them and want to keep them gorgeous for your event, here are a few tips on how to look after them: Continue reading “Tips On Caring Gladiolus Flower”

How To Choose a Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding centerpieces are a big part of planning a wedding; when you and your couple start setting up your wedding, most of your attention always goes to entertainment and food which is not wrong, however, decoration plays a big part on arranging the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Even though the ceremony itself is already a huge event, the reception is usually the part of the event that all of us are waiting for when it comes to attending a wedding, guests are usually spending a lot of time sitting at their tables during the reception so here are a few of the reason why you should worry about centerpieces: Continue reading “How To Choose a Perfect Wedding Centerpiece”

Agapanthus, The Flower Of Love

The word Agapanthus is derived from the Greek word, Agape, which means love and the word andanthos means flower, and thus the translation of Agapanthusis is- The Flower of Love. Agapanthus is occasionally called by other names like: the African lily, Lily of the Nile and African-Blue Lily. There are around ten different species of the Agapanthus family. Agapanthus blooms are found in large bunches of blue, violet-blue or white.

Agapanthuses are found in South Africa; they spread all the way from the Western to the Eastern Cape. They grow under tree shade to stay protected from the blistering rays of sun.

Few Facts about Agapanthus

  • This beautiful flower is undoubtedly the star of the show, with its white or exotic blue flowers blossoming from end of spring till autumn (This may vary for different species).
  • It is suspected that Agapanthus can cause hemolytic poisoning, and their juice can cause ulceration of mouth.
  • An assortment of Agapanthus Flowers is an ideal match for floral arrangements requiring either spread or erupting buds from middle base.

Name – Agapanthus.

Colors – White and blue purple.

Freshness Vase Life – 6 to10 days, this largely depends on your handling and care.

Availability – They are easily obtainable from April to August; however their availability is limited in October.

Length Size – 20in to 30in Approx.

Costs – Economical

Packing – Whole Blossoms Agapanthus come in bunches of 10 stems.

Arranging Tips – Their heads contain several flowers. When the flowers reach you, you’ll find their buds are closed, after 2 to 3 days their buds will open.  Agapanthuses are distinguished by their round and large heads covered with white or blue tubular flowers. Keep in mind that their stems are fragile and will break if not treated tenderly.

Ideal for Wedding Arrangements!

Wholesale Agapanthus is presently offered in shades of dark blue/purple and white. You can wire and tape individual florets for corsages.

Some of the varieties presently available are:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Assorted

We at Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers would love to supply the freshest flowers available for your wedding decorations or other special occasions. We offer exceptionally low price and FREE SHIPPING. Don’t forget to visit our website:

Heavenly Carnations, Their History And Varieties

Carnations History

Carnations have a history that goes back to around 2,000 years. Some scholars advocate that their name came from the word “corone” which means flower garlands or “coronation” because it is used in Greek ritual crowns, and some scholars propose that their name is derived from Latin where “carnis” which means flesh is a reference to the pinkish hue of the flowers or “incarnacyon” which means incarnation, refers to the incarnation of flesh made by God.

Carnations are also frequently called Dianthus (their scientific name given by the Greek botanist Theophrastus). The name Dianthus comes from two Greek Words – “dios”, refers to god Zeus and “anthos”, which means flower. Carnations are therefore famously known as “The Flowers of God”.

Continue reading “Heavenly Carnations, Their History And Varieties”

Orchid Wedding Bouquet & Flowers

Orchids are very beautiful flowers; they are exotic and come in many different colors and shapes that make any room brighten up. They also are elegant and really attractive to the eye which makes a perfect orchid wedding bouquet. Every color of the orchids have a special meaning, you can combine them to make your bouquet full of love and magic. All bride dreams of having the perfect bouquet and orchids are the ones to choose.

Orchid Wedding Bouquet

On your wedding you want all eyes on you,that is why walking the aisle is the most important part of your wedding, because this is the moment when you are handed to your future husband and life partner. Having the perfect dress and makeup is really important. The perfect bouquet is also a really big deal, because it is what makes you stand out, with the combination of your white big dress and beautiful bouquet. Continue reading “Orchid Wedding Bouquet & Flowers”

Whole Blossoms Wholesale Roses

red_wholesale_roses_1 white_wholesale_roses_2 pink_wholesale_roses_3 hot_pink_wholesale_roses_4 green_wholesale_roses_5 lavender_wholesale_roses_6 orange_wholesale_roses_7 peach_wholesale_roses_8 yellow_wholesale_roses_9 terracotte_wholesale_flowers_10


Roses have a long and vibrant history. As per fossil evidences the rose is about 35 million years old. In nature, it has some 150 species spread all over the Northern Hemisphere. Garden farming of roses began in China around 5,000 years ago. Roses were grown widely in the Middle East during the Roman period. At present, there are more than 30,000 types of roses and it has the thorniest family tree of all the flower species.

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The Flower Of The Sun


Sunflowers represent admiration, faithfulness and longevity. The meaning of sunflowers comes from their name itself. Sunflowers are rather unique in that they have the capability to provide energy in the form of vibrancy and nourishment these attributes mirror the sun and the energy given by its heat and light. Sunflowers are well-known for being happy-flowers, making them a perfect gift to bring happiness to your day.

They come in a number of assortments ranging from large to small, and from having yellow to red petals. Though, there is more to sunflowers than you can see. At the same time as they are stunningly good-looking, they are also rich in history and significance. They belong to North and South America and signify loyalty, pride and best wishes.

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Adding Kangaroo Paws To Your Bouquets


Kangaroo paw is the common name for diverse species, in two genus of this family Haemodoraceae, that are widespread in the south west of Western Australia. These perpetual plants are renowned for their distinctive bird attracting flowers. They have tubular flowers coated with thick hairs and open at the peak with 6 claw resembling structures: because of this paw pattern the common name “kangaroo paw” is derived.

The form and color of kangaroo paws make them a unique and rewarding Australian local plant for home gardens. Kangaroo paws are also great cut flowers. They are exported to various parts of the globe and are commercially grown in the USA, Japan and Israel.

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Why Buy Wholeblossoms Wholesale Baby’s Breath Flower Filler?


Wholesale BABY’S BREATH FILLERs are available for your special occasions and celebrations at huge savings especially for you. Baby’s Breath are also well-known as gypsophilia, they are used as filler in centerpieces. We add them in bridal bouquets, rose bouquets, and several other floral arrangements.

Baby’s Breath Filler can be used in many ways for different floral arrangements in weddings for instance you can use them to create chandeliers hanging through the reception tent, they can be used as garlands or wreaths to add grace to your venue doors, they can be added to the bridesmaids bouquets, they also look beautiful in centerpieces, you can use them in DIY monograms or just tuck few sprigs of in your hair with help of a bobby pin there are so many ways to use this beautiful flower.

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Nature’s Goodness Is Found In Spider Mums

Spider Mum 4

If you are on the lookout for an innate flower filled with goodness and striking splendor, then you are sure to like spider mums. Recently we ourselves ordered a few to shoot pictures, when they were placed in the house they were more than pleasing and they brightened the whole place up. We also presented few to our next door neighbors and they were delighted to see these exquisite flowers. They have a striking charisma which enchants anyone who sets eye on them. If you are thinking of buying these beautiful flowers then do learn these facts about them in advance.

Spider mums come from chrysanthemum family; in the United States they are called football mums because of they are used at football events and homecomings. In Japan and China they are highly admired. They are remarkable for the reason that they hold on to their bloom long after the flower head has been cut. Spider Mums also posses antibacterial properties. That’s not all; they can be used to manufacture natural insecticides which is not damaging to the environment.

Lets us share with you brief history of Spider mums; did you know that these gorgeous blooms are native to China and have grown to be popular in the US only in the last century?  In 18th century Karl Linnaeus (Swedish botanist) came up with the name chrysanthemum which comes from two Greek words, “Chrysos” meaning gold, and “Anthos” meaning flower, that’s how they became “Golden Flowers”. In the year 1989, it was discovered by NASA that spider mums have the ability to eliminate toxins from air by absorbing around 61% of formaldehyde from the surroundings.  They are identified as a likely source of an insecticide called pyrethrum which is used as a flea repellent. They are also used in tea in Asia for medicinal use.

Spider mums have a distinctive look on their heads. They reach up to 6 inches, and are available in light green, white, bright yellow and pale purple colors. Their florets (petals) are thin rays with coiled ends. Mum petals are named florets since technically; every floret is an in itself a flower leaping from the central disk.

Lastly, what is noteworthy in relation to spider mums? Well, they in fact have different significance in different countries. In US they express a bohemian touch to bridal bouquets. In Japan spider mums imply “celebration of happiness.” If we talk about their significance in China, then they convey “aristocracy.” And in Europe they are placed on graves.

Spider mums are full of nature’s righteousness and Whole Blossoms has a number of varieties for you to opt from. You won’t be dissatisfied with their appearance; they create a wonderful floral arrangement for your home or in your special occasions.

Spider Mum 3

Here are a few varieties available with us:





Lavender Pink