7 Ways to Use Rose Petals during Your Wedding

August 26th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Rose petals are the classical wedding compliment. They’re absolutely vibrant and beautiful—soft and so alive. The rose has always been the universal representation of love. Here are some creative ways to incorporate organic, eco-friendly rose petals into your wedding decorations. Here are seven creative ways to use rose petals in your wedding plans.

1.   Showering them down the aisle – Nothing looks more like a dreamy fairy tale than to have a rose petal-covered aisle. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle till the transition of parent to husband, rose petals cushion their steps. Nothing pictures a commitment of love more beautifully.

2.   Surrounding the stage area Arranging your rose petals around the stage area is a romantic way of exchanging vows. Use different colors from the assorted freeze dried selection to create a unique pattern that symbolizes the kind of love you two share.

3.   Sprinkling on tables and centerpieces – By adding some lavender rose petals to your table and sprinkling some around the base of your centerpieces, you can create a scene from a royal wedding. Rose petals look good on guest sign in tables too.

4.   Scattering on the couple after they say, I do – Get your photographer ready then have your guests have paper cups filled with pink and white rose petals. Create a beautiful shower of nature’s rose petals and enjoy the refreshing display.

5.   Smothering your wedding cake – Next to the bride, the wedding cake is the most visual part of the wedding. Peach rose petals cascading around it, creating a beautiful pattern will make your cake come alive.

6.   Sanctifying the props for photographs – Add some spice to your photographs by filling the ground with orange and yellow rose petals, creating a soft bed of curling petals, looking like fresh, fallen leaves.

7.   Sexualize the hotel room – There isn’t a better way to top of your day of love with the perfect decoration of red rose petals. Top it off with beautiful black magic roses in the center.

Create a more visual wedding with rose petals. Hopefully this gives you seven great ideas on how to use them in your wedding. Good luck with your wedding and planned event.

Finding the Right Tulips – Top 7 Favorites

August 25th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Still searching for the perfect wedding flowers? Have you considered going with Tulips? Traditionally, tulips were popular, particularly in most of Europe and Holland. During the 17th century people were going crazy for them, popularly known as the Tulipomania.

Tulips are very popular in the springtime, and the third most popular flower next to the rose and chrysanthemum. If you are considering tulips it is good to be reminded of their incredible variety of colors, heights, and shapes. You also may want to consider their fresh fragrance, cheering up any celebration or festive occasion.

As usual, I took some time to study the most popular kinds of tulips and I came up with my Top 7 list of favorite tulips for weddings. Please browse through these most popular choices and see if you can find the right tulips for you.

  1. White Tulips – White is a symbol of purity, humility. I chose this tulip first because it seems to convey the traditional image of any marriage. When this variety is displayed, there seems to be an aura of honor resounding from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling. Enjoy the rich spender of their white beauty.
  2. Red Tulips – Red is a universal symbol of love and romance. If you decide to go with red alone, or combine with the purity of white, nothing but love it what is felt from this variety. Whenever I picture a bride and groom holding hands at the altar, I picture red flowers in the background.
  3. Purple Tulips – Purple has always been a symbol of royalty. During biblical times, every king or someone of great wealth was adorned in purple. It was one of the most profitable colors of fabric sold in New Testament times.  As a wedding flower, I can imagine a royal princess surrounded by the love of her charming prince. You could even mix, red, white, and purple tulips.
  4. Pink Tulips – Pink is also a color of love, but it is a bit quieter and says, I will never forget you.” Pink, red, white, and purple blend naturally together, but pink says it without words. Besides red, pink is a universal color of love and will fill any wedding attendance with love.
  5. Yellow Tulips – Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. This variety of tulip will bring to life any wedding. Tulips are a spring flower and seem to portray the marriage of a young couple in the springtime of their lives. Yellow and orange make a nice compliment to each other.
  6. Orange Tulips – Orange combines the happiness of yellow and the romance of red, displaying natural sunshine to all who partake of their beauty. Orange will make your wedding and reception feel warm, loved, and inviting.
  7. Assorted Tulips – Technically, assorted is not a color, but after studying the different colors of tulips, you may want to display some of each.

Tulips are rather affordable, around $1.50 a stem. If you want to go a little fancier, French Tulips are a bit more but have longer stems and larger heads. Flowers are an amazing gift from nature to represent the love you want to honor. Once again, I hope this list is helpful. Please look at our website and choose from over hundreds of varieties of flowers. Good luck on your wedding or next planned event!


My Top 7 List of Hydrangeas for any Wedding

August 23rd, 2014 by Paul Walls

Weddings and Hydrangeas go together perfectly and can make any centerpiece, bouquet, and even cake toppers look amazing. Hydrangeas are extremely vigorous, providing blooms that offer varied and extravagant varieties throughout summer and into fall. Modern selections come in enticing shades of white, cream, pink, blue, and red, and in lace cap and oak leaf shapes as well as the familiar mop head. I love how these heads pop out and present themselves. I highly recommend hydrangeas for large wedding receptions. People will admire the full, richness of their presence. If you are considering them for your wedding, you may need help deciding which ones to use. To help make it easier for you I have come up with my lucky Top 7 List, once again. After comparing hundreds of hydrangeas I have narrowed down the most popular choices. I hope this list will help you make a better choice.

  1. Assorted Hydrangeas – These flowers complement each other and can coordinate several color themes for your wedding. One example might be to have several sections of color, for instance, the blue table, the red table, the purple table, etc. Why limit your favorite color. Perhaps this sounds more like an idea from a guy, but I really think it will work.
  2. Lime Green Jumbo Hydrangeas – I don’t know what it is about green flowers but the more I look at them, the more I enjoy them. The lime-green shade makes me feel like being in the outdoors. Personally, I think they would look great in an outdoor wedding.
  3. Lavender Elite Hydrangeas – Two things come to mind when I look this variety, the sky and the ocean. Again, if you have an outdoor wedding under a clear blue sky, these flowers inspire love and romance. Even if you are inside, they still create such a joyful mood. People will not forget how good they feel with this variety. They almost inspire more poetry.
  4. Berenjena Dark Purple Hydrangeas – This definitely look rich and bold. Perhaps the wedding couple is full of boldness; this will make their statement for them. Personally, they look classy and wealthy. Combine this variety with some white and you have a Hollywood reception. You can use this variety any way you choose, but with them, a night wedding will look sophisticated.
  5. Green Antique Hydrangeas – When I see this variety, I think of softness. These fresh cut flowers will adorn a beautiful, blushing bride, dressed in white or pink. This reminds me of an early spring wedding and fanciful for that kind of moment.
  6. White Wedding Hydrangeas – This is one of the most popular hydrangeas. The natural splendor of this variety makes it a classic. Whenever I imagine a bride walking down the aisle, this is the flower and variety I see. Straight from Ecuador or Colombia, it gives a woman a sense of virtue and honor with these in her display. This will definitely make it a keepsake.
  7. Natural Blue Hydrangeas – Lastly on my list of top 7 hydrangeas is this particular variety. You can order it from pale to intense blue tones. It reminds me of happiness. Decorating with this variety will make your wedding event relaxed and happy. If your bridesmaids are in blue, they will look like the greatest compliment to the bride adorned with these.

There really is no right or wrong way to pick hydrangeas for your wedding and event; however, I hope this list gives you some insight as to what people are buying and what people think when these flowers

7 Different Garden Roses that are sure to make a Beautiful Wedding

August 22nd, 2014 by Paul Walls

The summer wedding season is still upon us and there is plenty of time to plan a wedding. One the most important decisions is to decide what kind of flowers will work best for  your wedding. I would like to help you make this decision by giving you my personal list of Garden Roses, which are my favorite wedding flowers. You may ask why Garden Roses? First of all, they are in a league of their own when compared with average roses. They have become one of the largest choice because of their blooms for weddings thanks to their lush, ruffled petals that rest graciously in the center of a very neatly wound swirling pattern — they are very similar to peonies, only without the expensive price!

Although they are available year round, they are hitting their peak right now and are a true delight for a summertime wedding. I have been searching through hundreds of wedding flowers. After narrowing them down to garden flowers, I then began to come up with my top 7 list and believe I have chosen the most charming wedding flowers available right now:

  1.  White Ohara is my first choice. This flower is a creamy white, peony-like rose. It looks amazing whenever the bride is adorned in a creamy white dress. This one looks amazing and leave me breathless! Every time I go to a wedding and see this particular variety, I have to ask them where they got them. They come from Colombia and look alive and fresh.
  2.  Campanella Cream Like White Ohara,  have a soft, creamy-white appearance, but the layers look a bit fuller. Actually, White Ohara and Campanella Cream look wonderful together.
  3. Green Hanna made my list because green is one of my favorite colors. If you are a green-eyed bride, or you have an outdoor wedding with lots of greens, then this will be an excellent choice. These flowers are light green and have about 3-5 blooms per stem, giving plenty of green for your special occasion.
  4. David Austin Patience is very beautiful! I couldn’t have a top 7 list without including it. It is an English-looking cream garden rose with a classic button eye. What I enjoy about this particular cream variety is the way their centers stand out and make an excellent contrast with any wedding dress.
  5. Antique Carmel is my fifth selection due to its caramel, butterscotch color. This premium, fresh cut beauty is kind of gives a soft, antique feel to any wedding. The fragrance is also very alluring. I highly recommend this one.
  6. Salmanazzar Pink Peach Peony has a pink tone that reminds me of a lovely fairy-tail, where the prince takes his bride and lives happily ever after. You have to see this one to believe it. The huge head has a cabbage-like appearance sure to leave you breathless.
  7. Cream-Orange Brulee Last but not least, this variety has a orange tint that is very earth-tone. This eco-friendly stunner has a wavy pattern in its full head. This summer wedding flower is a definite statement maker.

No matter which flower you choose, if you are looking for a professional opinion, I would suggest these top 7 Garden Roses.  Whenever you feel it is time to begin selecting flowers, the good people at Whole Blossoms would love to help you create the perfect wedding. They have excellent customer service with prices that can beat nearly anyone. They will even help you choose alternate flowers, if the one you are searching for is not available. Not only are they very affordable, they are incredibly fresh. They are cut directly from the grower and sent straight to your door step. Their flowers are so amazing they received a great review and five star rating from Project Wedding, take a look! Good look on your wedding planning! May your wedding be filled with the most beautiful memories with your wedding flower selection.

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Project Wedding





Flowers Represent more than Love

July 25th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Flowers Represent more than Love

Like a fresh green leaf,
I was nestled in a tree,
Feeling so secure, not needing any relief,
In the air, I thought I was free,

Then came a big strong wind,
Cutting away my tall, long stem,
Falling quickly, life seemed to end,
Finding no way to connect again,

I was lying on the ground,
And soon began to dry,
It seemed that I could not be found,
Having no more tears left to cry,

Soon, people began to walk on me,
Little pieces in tattered heaps,
Looking up there was nothing to see,
Waiting only to dissolve, in dirt and oh so deep,

Then one day, a woman standing near,
Began to pick up all my pieces,
I then began to fear,

She held me in her hand,
I felt so lonely and ashamed,
Reminding me God had a purpose and a plan,
New life was soon regained,

All my pieces were growing together,
Once again I began to see,
A beautiful flower for her to have forever,
For her I came to life and began to be,

With a love I’d never known,
For her I began to bloom,
Only hers to have and to own,
With her every morning, night, and noon

If you are soon to get married and considering purchasing flowers from Whole Blossoms, understanding that flowers can represent more than aesthetic beauty, but moral, can make this a richer experience. Love is a powerful thing that can heal many things. If you found the love of your life, having wholesale flowers represent the beauty of love sends a powerful message. Use flowers for every occasion, for every opportunity in life to say more, than just, I love you. If you have found the love of your life, you now are enjoying the life you love.
Allow Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers assist you in your next purchase, creating the perfect environment to celebrate your ever growing love.

Propose with Wholesale Flowers

July 13th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Propose with Wholesale Flowers
I stand here before you this beautiful day,
You are heavenly sent, an answer to all I pray,
Give me your hand, and forever I will keep,
Your love forever, only for it I’ll speak,
Surrounded by flowers in this wonderful place,
They decorate the radiance of your magnificent face,
From this moment, you are always in my heart,
My dear, it has been yours from the start,
If you could look inside it, you would see,
An image of you, forever priceless to me,
Caressed with the whispers of my endless love,
My lover and friend, from blue skies above…
The day has finally come that you want to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of days together with you. Imagine creating the perfect moment with the most beautiful flowers you can find. Isn’t the love of your life worth the entire splendor that nature can bring? Let Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers help you create this perfect moment. Not only are wholesale flowers more affordable, they are three times fresher. Please order your wholesale flowers today.

Poetry and Flowers

July 11th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Flowers and Poetry

The love I feel, so strongly today,
To put it in words, can be difficult to say,
Giving you roses, says all that is true,
About my love, I give them to you,
Within each petal, and rich, dark color,
Lets you know, for me there is no other,
The long green stem, holding full head,
Reminds me of the reason, with you I will wed,
Look deeply inside, know they’re from me,
Always guarding my heart, forever you’ll be…

Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers will help you say with flowers what words cannot on your special day.

Celebrating Your Love with Roses

July 6th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Celebrate Your Love with Roses

Always looking into your eyes with love,

I am thanking our Father from up above,

Every moment we share, I want to compose,

Surrounding you with flowers, with every rose,

Our moments are pure, such power we feel,

The grace of your beauty is such an appeal,

Without your love, I never want to be,

For you have opened my eyes and made me see,

There is nothing as precious as having you near,

Forever I’ll hold your and cherish you dear,

When I close my eyes and memory does fade,

I always see your smile, and the moment we made…

Nothing seems to bring pleasure more than being with the love of your life, sharing every intimate moment together. Love is a powerful emotion that deserves more elaborate decorations and celebrations. Whenever I look into the eyes of the woman I love, my heart skips a beat, sometimes I can still find my palms getting sweaty with anxious desire. I have never been so in love before. It seems like the earth stands still every time she walks into a room. I have never seen a woman with such incredible beauty; her smile is like watching the sun peer through the clouds on a rainy, dreary day. Her smile melts my heart like sun beating down on the fresh snow of winter.

There is something special about roses and rose petals that invoke sparks of magic, true love in friendships that romantically are meant to last forever can be immortalized with roses. Please allow Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers to supply you with all your romantic, floral, and wedding needs. You will never forget the moments shared with them, the memory will be like a lasting celebration.

Declaring Your Love Daffodils

July 2nd, 2014 by Paul Walls

Declaring Your Love with Daffodils

Your lovely voice echoes across the plain,
It brings joy whenever I hear your name,
Daffodils like a trumpet, your lips repeat,
The love you declare sounds oh, so sweet,
To hear your voice, declaring your love,
Like refreshing raindrops, from heaven above,
Forever, we’ll remain, a new beginning,
Our love unfailing, and never-ending…

The daffodil is a native flower to the meadows and woods of Europe and has become synonymous with spring. Strikingly, this flower looks also looks like a trumpet, symbolic of declaring the eternal life of your love. When you choose daffodils as your wholesale wedding flowers, it is like announcing to the entire world that you have found the love of your life and wish to announce it with the voice of a trumpet, across the meadows, and across the woods.
If you are looking for a special flower to be the symbol of your love, it might become helpful to understand some of the meanings, sometimes called florigraphy, of the daffodil. At Easter, the daffodil symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Long associated with Lent, it is also called the Lent Lily. It is also a sign of winter’s end. Nevertheless, the gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness. Imagine the happiness of the bride and groom as they trumpet the voice of their declared vows of love, surrounded by daffodils, what a cheerful sound, the sound of your partner’s voice as they pledge their eternal, undying love to you. They look into your eyes with such beautiful passion and are spellbound by the attraction you feel at that very moment. It is then that everything else in the place of your wedding has disappeared; only the look from your partner is all you see. The daffodils say it for you. If you are a man, the daffodil may represent chivalry, respect, and unrequited love. If you are a woman, the daffodil may represent joy and happiness. It is completely up to you on the kind of message you want these wedding flowers to say for you.
If you decide to order wedding flowers online, please allow Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers to provide you with all of your flowers for wedding and wedding decorations. You can go to their website and view the selection of daffodils they have in their catalogue. If you are interested in wedding flowers but may be thinking of another flower, they have hundreds of flowers to choose from. Read their testimonials of hundreds of satisfied customers, the list is impressive. Also, read their wedding flowers blog, there are several good articles and tips for weddings and planning of weddings. Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers will save you a tremendous amount of money with their wholesale method of selling flowers. The flowers are not only cheaper; they are three times fresher, since they are shipped straight from the grower right after they are harvested.
You may contact them at wholeblossoms.com. They will be glad to assist you with declaring your love.

Attach Yourselves Affectionately with Alstroemerias

July 1st, 2014 by Paul Walls

Attach Yourselves Affectionately with Alstroemerias

My best friend, lifelong partners we’ll stay,
Eternal in my thoughts, such paradise today,
The Alstroemerias is a symbol of our love,
A union made in heaven, sent down from above…

Are you about to marry your best friend and remain together in faithfully wedded bliss? Alstroemerias, also called the Peruvian Lily, might just be the perfect choice in wedding flowers. This beautiful flower has lush green leaves that find their way growing upside down then performs a series twist and turns, which is so symbolic of how a true friendship grows and matures throughout life. Not only is this wedding flower symbolic of an eternal, loving friendship, it also comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with the color theme of your friendship. Alstroemerias resemble miniature lilies and will look adorning on your beautiful bride of friendship, love and devotion.
There may be no better way to symbolize a relationship that began as a friendship and developed into a lifelong partnership of love and faithfulness. If your partner is also your best friend, there may seem as if nothing greater from heaven could come down from the purple skies and grace you with such companionship and comfort. Such a wonderful friendship and relationship is like an ornament of grace that God Himself places around your neck. Imagine yourselves conveying this message to all of your invited guests as you walk together through the courts of love. Flowers convey powerful messages throughout our lives. It seems that flowers begin at birth, when you were born, perhaps loved ones showered your parents with loving flowers of welcome. Throughout life, flowers continued to symbolize the love of others during special times, such as birthdays, proms, homecomings, sickness, promotions, anniversaries, special days, or just because. Even in death, flowers surround the ones people love. Long after the ones we love are gone, their graves continue to be decorated with flowers on Memorial Days and other significant dates. Let’s face it, flowers represents love, so enjoy the days spent together as true friends of love and shower you with Alstroemerias. You will enjoy the message of love and friendship they convey and will be pleased with the positive reactions others will have when they see the flower of your choice.
If you should choose the Alstroemerias, Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers would love to help you plan the perfect wedding, special occasion, or planned event. With the discount prices you will find by choosing wholesale flowers, you are sure to feel heavenly blessed.
Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers offers Alstroemerias in various different colors, such as salmon, white-pink, hot-pink, lavender, purple, orange, pale green, pink, red, white, yellow, and an assortment of other colors. Go to their website and choose from hundreds of flowers. Also, read their wedding flowers blog and find many other articles that may be of help in choosing the right flowers for the right occasions.
Allow Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers to assist you with purchasing these friendly discount wedding flowers. Contact us today at wholeblossoms.com and make your friendship an eternal blessing for all.