Here Is The List Of Alternative Valentines Flowers

Have you ever been in that awkward place where you would like to give somebody a Valentines present but you don’t want it to be a cliche? Well, we know that once in a while we’ve all been there because you want the other person to know how important, special and unique they are to you so you couldn’t just give them roses as everybody else probably will.

This is why we have created a list of very beautiful Valentines flowers that you can purchase at this time of the year and gift  to that special person as an alternative to roses.

Alternative Valentines Flowers

1>  It is not that common when a girl gives flowers to a guy so you could say that if this is what you are planning to do you are already off to a good start, however, what type of flowers would a man like, right? Succulent flowers are not very much of anything and they can also say “I love you”, besides, they will not need much care and can last up to 14 days.


Alternative Valentines Flowers 2

2>  Lilies will never be out of style and you can find them in many variations, you have Calla lilies, mini calla lilies, you have regular lilies and the ravishing peruvian lilies that would surprise and make a girl feel unique, just like the amazing color combinations contained in this uncommonly beautiful flowers.




Alternative Valentines Flowers 3

3>  If you are looking for a flower that helps you express your appreciation and admiration towards a dear friend, a fresh bunch of assorted daisies can help you to do just that. If you want them tos ay “I love you” to your beloved couple, grab red ones, this will be a very sweet unexpected choice.


Alternative Valentines Flowers 44>  Have the perfect love? Say it outloud! What could say “perfection” better tan tulips? As they symbolize “fresh beginnings” you could use a beatiful bunch of these beauties to express how happy a recently started relationship makes you.


Alternative Valentines Flowers 55>  Another option if you don’t want common are orchids, they come from far lands like Brazil and the Amazon which adds a bit of fantasy to them and they represent love, luxury and strength; you will find them in several shapes and colors as well so it’s not only one uncommon flower but it exists in a huge amount of variations.

5 Tips to choose your bridal bouquet

The only time in a girl’s life when she gets to walk around carrying a bunch of beautiful flowers with her is her wedding day and what most of us don’t ever think about is that this bunch of flowers can lead you to the decoration and planning the Whole wedding based on it.

Bridal BouqetFor our gorgeous brides we have summed up the main tips from expert florists on what should be considered when picking out flowers, decoration and the perfect bridal bouquet:

  • Before you choose flowers, make sure you have found the dress of your dreams, this way when you are getting ready to pick the flowers and shape of your bouquet you will have things such as the style of it and the details it is decorated with and make sure they complement each other and even though the flowers will attract attention, they will not drown you.
  • Choose the flowers according to the season that your wedding date will be on, if you are working with a budget this is a great way to not go over it. Always make sure the flowers choices you have made are available at the specific time of the year, some flowers are not available in certain months.
  • Give it a personal meaning, it is true that the simpler the better but you can always give it your own style by adding flowers that actually have a meaning to you or your loved one; another good option to customize your bouquet is adding Antique decorations from your family like a brooch.Bridal Bouqet Flower
  • Take shape and size into account, one of the ways to make yourself look beautiful on this very special day is
    making sure you point out the narrowest part of your body: your waist is likely it so a tip we got fromon of the experts is how the bridal bouquet should be smaller than that and you need to make sure to carry it gracefully, make sure you have someone to remind you to try carrying it only with one hand and keep it below your hips.As you can see, there is so much to think about when picking your once in a lifetime “bunch of flowers” and we just want to make sure you definitely get it right on your especial day.

Why use Bulk Wholesale Roses at your Wedding

Purchasing wholesale bulk flowers is always a great option when it comes to recreating an environment that only talks about you and your partner on your especial day, plus, it gives you the option to save a few dollars. Some people might say roses have gone out of style or are too common but we will make you think twice and give you a few of the reasons why wholesale roses are a great choice for a wedding throughout the upcoming months.Bulk Wholesale Roses arrangement

Romanticism has been associated with roses from the beginning of times, with their amazingbeauty,scent and variety of shapes and colors, Continue reading “Why use Bulk Wholesale Roses at your Wedding”

How to choose your Wholesale Christmas Flowers?

Wholesale Christmas roses

Christmas is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year for most of us who enjoy the spirit and love going shopping for Christmas presents as well as decoration material to dress up our houses; aside from your regular festivities, it has become a trend to select winter to set the stage for an absolutely unforgettable wedding. In this article we will show some of the most popular wedding flowers available for winter season and a few tips for you to make perfect choices.

For winter we will always find blues and ice whites as some of the most popular options, however, if you want to make a difference and have a cheerful yet elegant stage it is trending to look for bright colors such as purples or reds, also a famous tip from popular florists is to not use any type of foliage but to combine them with beautiful icy white flowers to be sure you produce a real impact when tying the knot. Continue reading “How to choose your Wholesale Christmas Flowers?”

Wholesale Garden Roses: The perfect choice for your budget

To be fair, unless you have been part of the process of purchasing flowers and planning a wedding in a previous event, flower cost can be astonishing at times, that is the reason why there are a few things you should always take into account to choose the flower decoration so you do not have to spend outrageous amounts of money and have the memorable stage every bride would like.

A wedding would definitely not be the same without the tasteful grace of flowers that reflect the bride’s personality, below we give you a few tips on how to make up your mind:

wholesale White roses

Tips On Caring Gladiolus Flower

The Gladiolus flower is able to grow wonderfully in the warm breeze of the summer, they produce tall stems adorned with great attractive flowers; knowing how to take care of these flowers will price you with an amazing amount of colors as they will also be functional for you to use as cut flowers, which will make them the perfect flower to custom on a summer wedding.


Gladiolus Flower

Taking care of you Gladiolus flowers, especially after they bloom, will prepare them for winter, if you choose to grow them yourself or if you purchase them and want to keep them gorgeous for your event, here are a few tips on how to look after them: Continue reading “Tips On Caring Gladiolus Flower”

How To Choose a Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding centerpieces are a big part of planning a wedding; when you and your couple start setting up your wedding, most of your attention always goes to entertainment and food which is not wrong, however, decoration plays a big part on arranging the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Even though the ceremony itself is already a huge event, the reception is usually the part of the event that all of us are waiting for when it comes to attending a wedding, guests are usually spending a lot of time sitting at their tables during the reception so here are a few of the reason why you should worry about centerpieces: Continue reading “How To Choose a Perfect Wedding Centerpiece”

Agapanthus, The Flower Of Love

The word Agapanthus is derived from the Greek word, Agape, which means love and the word andanthos means flower, and thus the translation of Agapanthusis is- The Flower of Love. Agapanthus is occasionally called by other names like: the African lily, Lily of the Nile and African-Blue Lily. There are around ten different species of the Agapanthus family. Agapanthus blooms are found in large bunches of blue, violet-blue or white. Continue reading “Agapanthus, The Flower Of Love”

Heavenly Carnations, Their History And Varieties

Carnations History

Carnations have a history that goes back to around 2,000 years. Some scholars advocate that their name came from the word “corone” which means flower garlands or “coronation” because it is used in Greek ritual crowns, and some scholars propose that their name is derived from Latin where “carnis” which means flesh is a reference to the pinkish hue of the flowers or “incarnacyon” which means incarnation, refers to the incarnation of flesh made by God.

Carnations are also frequently called Dianthus (their scientific name given by the Greek botanist Theophrastus). The name Dianthus comes from two Greek Words – “dios”, refers to god Zeus and “anthos”, which means flower. Carnations are therefore famously known as “The Flowers of God”.

Continue reading “Heavenly Carnations, Their History And Varieties”

Orchid Wedding Bouquet & Flowers

Orchids are very beautiful flowers; they are exotic and come in many different colors and shapes that make any room brighten up. They also are elegant and really attractive to the eye which makes a perfect orchid wedding bouquet. Every color of the orchids have a special meaning, you can combine them to make your bouquet full of love and magic. All bride dreams of having the perfect bouquet and orchids are the ones to choose.

Orchid Wedding Bouquet Continue reading “Orchid Wedding Bouquet & Flowers”