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Why Buy Wholeblossoms Wholesale Baby’s Breath Flower Filler?

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Wholesale BABY’S BREATH FILLERs are available for your special occasions and celebrations at huge savings especially for you. Baby’s Breath are also well-known as gypsophilia, they are used as filler in centerpieces. We add them in bridal bouquets, rose bouquets, and several other floral arrangements.

Baby’s Breath Filler can be used in many ways for different floral arrangements in weddings for instance you can use them to create chandeliers hanging through the reception tent, they can be used as garlands or wreaths to add grace to your venue doors, they can be added to the bridesmaids bouquets, they also look beautiful in centerpieces, you can use them in DIY monograms or just tuck few sprigs of in your hair with help of a bobby pin there are so many ways to use this beautiful flower.



At Whole Blossoms we provide Baby’s Breath Filler in these colors:

White Filler

Blue Filler

 Yellow Filler

Green Filler

Pink Filler

Orange Filler

Red Flower with Dark Pink Cast Filler

Assorted Filler


How to take care of Baby’s Breath Fillers:

As soon as you receive your order of Baby’s Breath Fillers make sure they are at once hydrated and processed. Cautiously take them out. They may look a bit dry, that is normal for all wholesale greens to make them look fresh again you need to hydrate them for a couple of hours that’ll help them to replenish. Few wholesale flowers take around 24-36 hours to hydrate the time taken for them to perk up will depend upon the variety you picked.

Put your Baby’s Breath fillers in clean and filtered water. Carefully take out the leaves and foliage which may fall under water to evade the possibility of bacteria. Make sure you don’t tear the stem skin in the process. Cut off 1 inch from the end of stem in a 45 degree angle using a sharp knife (NOT scissors) so that water is better absorbed by the stems. After chopping the stem, swiftly place the fillers in water because it takes not less than a minute for the stem to dry and be sealed up.

Put Gypsophilia in a cool (but not cooler than 40F), moderately humid and shaded area. Don’t place the fillers in the vicinity of hot environment or surfaces. They must be kept in water till the time they are being used.

When storing your wholesale Gypsophilia, avoid moving them from cold to hot (or hot to cold or) temperature to prevent them from hypothermia. You don’t want the drastic temperature change to burn your greens and fillers. Also, avoid keeping your fillers in the refrigerator all night as the gases from various fruits and vegetables can harm your wholesale Baby’s Breath fillers.


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