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What do you know about Ranunculus?

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Ranunculus 101

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This is a series of articles to help you understand various flowers and their contrasts and differences with other flowers. With ranunculus there are five things to keep in mind.

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  1. Ranunculus is small, cup-shaped flowers similar in texture and shape to peonies and camellias. These flowers consist of several multilayers of tissue like petals. Each stem bears several blooms atop fine, fernlike foliage. Ranunculuses come in single or double flowering types.
  2. Purchase or cut ranunculus when the blossoms are open but petals are curved inward and still cupping the middle part of the flower. The flower should feel firm to the touch. The flower should not shed when handled.
  3. Older ranunculuses have petals that are more separated from the center. The tissues like petals appear more transparent with fading color. The flower is soft to the touch and may shed when handled.
  4. Ranunculuses have thin, hollow stems that break easily, which can make them difficult to arrange. Try inserting a wire into the stem, or brace the stem with a wire to support the flower. Ranunculuses also droop because they have large flat heads atop their thin stems. A wire will also straighten the flower for better use in arrangements.
  5. Two-tone or variegated types are called picotee ranunculus.


Names = Ranunculus, French, or Persian Buttercup.

Varieties – Ranunculus asiaticus hybrids in single and double forms. The best variety for cut flowers is the felocate strain, producing the finest and largest flowers.

Scent – Mild scent.

Freshness – Purchase or cut when the petals are cupping the middle of the flower and still fold inward.

Vase Life – 7 to10 days or longer.

Availability – Winter through spring, the predominant season being spring.

Costs – spring—moderately priced. Winter—moderately expensive.

Meaning – You are radiant!

Arranging Tip – Ranunculus stems break easily, making them difficult to arrange.

Growing Tip – Soaking ranunculus tubers for at least four hours before planting makes it easier for the tubers to root. They resemble claws and are sometimes called crow’s feet. Plant them toes down. Ranunculus like cool nights and warm days with plenty of light. They can be grown as a garden flower and as container flower.

Other – Ranunculus are heavy drinkers, so watch the water level.

There are two special categories of ranunculus that have some popular varieties.

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  1. Ranunculus – Year Round. Some popular varieties include: White, pink, yellow, orange, purple, hot pink, burgundy, and assorted.
  2. Ranunculus – October through April. Some of the varieties available are: white, pink, yellow, orange, hot pink, red, and assorted.

As you can see, ranunculus come in several varieties and has a longer vase life, not to mention, inexpensive. If you are planning an event on a budget they are an excellent choice. Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers would love to provide you with a fresh selection and quality service. Just go to their website at www.wholeblossoms.com and go through their catalogue of over hundreds of varieties. You may even want to check out some of their other fresh cut flower selections. Hope this quick little education on carnations has been helpful. If you like this article and would like to see more like it, go to Whole Blossoms flower blogs and check out more helpful information.

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