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What Are The Best Mother’s Day Flowers?

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mother's day flowers

It’s that time of the year again and there is still plenty of time to get your mother, grandmother, other very important lady in your life, a very nice gift to send kind words and lots of love. 2021 has already brought some challenges and there are plenty of mothers out there who could really use some Beautiful Flowers.

Mother’s Day Flowers has been a long standing tradition that every important woman in your life would love, cherish and appreciate.

In this article, I would like to tell you the Best Flowers For Mother’s Day, hoping to give you some options to consider. All of our Wholesale Flowers come directly from the farm and can last up to three times longer than flowers from the local market. Your mother will be able to enjoy premium quality for a lot longer.

You want to be sure to send her bright and colorful flowers that will get her feeling happy and excited. One misconception is that you can’t send her Roses because those are usually sent for romantic purposes, however, you can send her some of our colorful options. Our collection of Wholesale Roses is spectacular and will look incredible in Floral Arrangements or in a Flower Bouquet.

You can select from the following choices:

  • Farm Choice White Rose
  • Farm Choice Red Rose
  • Jeanne Moreau Pure Light White Garden Roses
  • Blush Garden Rose Flower
  • Ivory Garden Roses Bright Love
  • Vendela Rose Flower
  • Garden Roses 24 Pack By Color
  • White Spray Rose Flower
  • Salmanazar Peach Pink Garden Roses
  • Mayra White Garden Roses
  • David Austin Juliet Peach Garden Roses
  • Farm Choice Pink Rose
  • Blushing Beauty White Garden Roses
  • Passion Light Pink Garden Roses
  • Cream Spray Roses
  • Rainbow Roses
  • Farm Choice Lavender Roses
  • Farm Choice Peach Roses
  • Akito White Rose
  • Mount Everest White Rose
  • Avalanche White Rose
  • Esperance Pink Rose
  • Eskimo White Rose
  • Antique Caramel Garden Roses
  • Prince Jardinier Pink Garden Roses
  • Goscinny Coral Orange Garden Roses
  • Yellow Rose Farm Choice
  • Orange Roses Farm Choice
  • Hot Pink Rose Farm Choice
  • Ocean Song Lavender Roses
  • Princess Hot Pink Roses
  • Blizzard White Rose
  • Black Magic Roses
  • Green Rose Farm Choice
  • Blue Rose

There are many other Types of Roses by Color we have in our collection if you want to Send Mother’s Day Flowers.

Another great flower that you can send is Tulip. The Tulip Flower is a flower that is a beautiful sign of spring and has a significant meaning for Mother’s Day. We have a great collection of them as well. You can choose from:

  • Assorted Parrot Tulips
  • Lily Flower Liberstar White Tulips
  • French Tulips Assorted
  • Assorted Tulips
  • Assorted Double Tulips
  • Parrot Green White Tulips
  • Blush Pink Tulips Fringed
  • Casa Blanca Double Ivory White Tulips
  • Parrot Carmine Green Dark Pink Tulips
  • Fringed Pink White Tulips
  • Avant Garde Cream Double Tulips
  • Bell Song Fringed Dark Pink Tulips
  • Marvel Parrot Hot Pink Tulips
  • Blush Lavender Fringed Tulips
  • Flash Point Double Dark Pink Tulips
  • Irene Orange Parrot Tulips
  • White Tulips
  • Red Tulips
  • Purple Tulips
  • Fringed Orange Tulips
  • Pink Tulips
  • Fringed Red Tulips
  • Maureen French White Tulips
  • French Pink Tulips
  • Yellow Tulip Flower
  • French Yellow Tulips
  • Dutch Orange Tulip Flower
  • Tulip Hot Pink Flowers
  • Black Jack Tulip Flower

Tulips have an excellent shape and they really have a nice presentation in vases and in Tulip Arrangements. You mom will definitely be happy with these.

Liliesare another popular flower for Mother’s Day. They have a shape and texture that looks great and can certainly arrange well with many other Flowers. I used to give my grandmother Lily Flower and she always seemed to look forward to receiving them. She has departed now, but I have many fond memories of her beautiful reaction, her reaction even made me feel special.

We have many great varieties, such as:

  • Asiatic Lily Assorted Flowers
  • LA Hybrid Lily Flower Assorted
  • Oriental Lily Assorted
  • White Lily Asiatic Lily
  • White Lily LA Hybrid
  • Orange Lily LA Hybrid Lily
  • Oriental Lily Bicolor Red With Yellow Flowers
  • Pink Lily Oriental Lily
  • Starfighter Lily Oriental Lily
  • Yellow Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Red Lily Asiatic Lily

There are some other great varieties, such as Lisianthus, Chrysanthemum, Iris, Orchid, and Carnation.

Please check out our website of over 3,500 varieties www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call at 1-877-259-2566. We will be happy to speak with you and help you with any questions.

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