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The Popular Trend of Having All-White Bouquets

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White Bouquet 2

Many brides know the color of their bouquets before they even decide on a shape, style, size, or the flowers that will be included. They have always been the dream of all-white bridal bouquet, just bursting with silky white flower petals, round white rose heads, tiny dots of lily of the valley, and exotic stars of stephanotis. Just the thought of it takes their breath away.

If you’re locked on the idea of the all-white bridal bouquet, you might consider yourself a traditional bride, but you can also be a very modern bride, filling that all-white palette with some unexpected flowers—going beyond the classic bridal flowers of roses and gardenias.

Many brides say they started off with an all-white bouquet as a way to pay homage to mothers and grandmothers who also carried all-white bouquets on their wedding days, but then being a modern bride, they took that palette and elevated it to a new level with some quirky or creative style decisions.

It is not true that an all-white bouquet will automatically cost you more money. The price you pay depends on many factors: the types of flowers you select, whether or not they’re in-season or important, the design and style of your bouquet, and the size of your bouquet. True, you may need more white flowers to make a visual impact in any floral piece, but that doesn’t always add up to a bigger drain on your wallet.

Another aspect of the all-white bouquet is that it might allow you to use the white version of your birth-month flower, or the birth month flower of your wedding day, in order to convey a particular message from language of flowers through your budget.

All White Roses Bouquet

Rose - White Wedding Boouquet

–          The all-white bouquet made only of roses is the number one bouquet style today

–          For the most uniform and traditional look, choose roses that are all the same size

–          Roses may be tightly packed with little else showing between each rose head placement, or they may be spread out within the round

–          Shades of white vary, with some flowers appearing crisp white and others looking more beige. Specify to your designer that all whites be monochromatic

All White Stephanotis Bouquet

Stephanotis- White Bouquet

–          Stephanotis is a traditional bridal flower, imported and thus a bit more expensive than other traditional wedding blooms

–          The all-stephanotis bouquet tightly packed with dozens and dozens of tiny star-shaped flowers

–          If money is an object, you’re best off using stephanotis as an accent flower, perhaps as a textural accent to a rose bouquet

–          Stephanotis is known as a fragile flower. Oils from your fingers will brown the petals more quickly, so handle with care

All White Large and Small Flowers

White Bouqet 1

–          Mixing large and small flowers is a top way to build a more lush and impressive bouquet on a budget

–          The differences in flower sizes give the impression of more variety and greater number of flowers than are actually there

–          Include among your choices calla lilies, dendrobium orchids, roses, ranunculus, peonies, tulips, and then smaller “dot” flowers such as Bells of Ireland, lilies of the valley, and other tiny blooms

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