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Some Spectacular Ideas to Decorate the Modern Day Wedding Venue

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Some Spectacular Ideas to Decorate the Modern Day Wedding Venue

It’s your wedding day – the day you have been waiting for your entire life. Apart from the nervousness and anxiousness that you have to face on the D-Day, you need to go through quite a lot before that as well.

What are we talking about here? Well, we are talking about decorating the wedding venue using bulk flowers.

But wait – you have been waiting for this day all your life so you cannot just pick any idea to decorate your wedding. Won’t you want to go with ideas that make the event spectacular?

This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this post. Here is a look at some of those ideas –

Grand entrance

Grand entrance

Okay, so let’s begin with the one element that is often ignored during wedding décor.

We are talking about the entrance.

This is your biggest chance to create an impression. Using exotic wedding flowers to create a grand entrance is the best way to let the guests know what they are in for.

You can create an awe inspiring look for your wedding venue by bringing not just flowers like lily of the valley or rose, but also elements such as greeneries, garlands and lot more.

If you are wondering where you are going to get all that from, then all you have to do is visit Whole Blossoms. These professionals can help you with the most amazing and exotic varieties of flowers at the best prices online. So, you don’t really have to face the hassle of running everywhere in the market!


As we all know, first impression is the last impression. You cannot afford to miss out on making a lasting impression when it comes to wedding décor. So, use flowers to create a magical entrance and let the guests remember your venue decoration forever.

Floral escort cards

Floral escort cards

In order to ensure that there is no ruckus at the event where people are running haywire looking for their seat, you need to bring escort cards.

You might be wondering how escort cards can be part of the list of ideas for creating a stunning wedding décor. Well, here’s how!

To bring a touch of class to your wedding venue décor you can go out of the box and create a floral escort cards instead of the usual bulletin board reflecting the seating arrangement.

This can work especially when we are talking about the more formal wedding celebrations.

The most popular choice to use as part of the floral escort card décor at the wedding venue has to be roses. You can use pink roses to create a beautiful looking escort card arrangement, and place it at the entrance to guide the guests towards their seating plan.

Won’t it be amazing?

Up on the ceiling

Up on the ceiling

From the first to the second most ignored aspect of the wedding décor, we are talking about the ceiling.

There are plenty of creative ways to decorate the ceiling.

For instance, you can decorate the ceiling using wholesale wedding flowers which you can simply order online from Whole Blossoms. You can pick a range of colors in flowers to bring life to the event and see how it turns out to be.

Not just flowers, but you can also be a little more creative and drape the ceiling with a little fabric. As a matter of fact you can bring the two together to create an awe inspiring affair.

So, the first place to begin your wedding décor is the ceiling and you can use many creative ways to achieve the desired awe inspiring outlook.

Decorating the ceiling with beautify wedding flowers would ensure that wherever the guest look their eyes are treated with the beauty of flowers.

Lighting and centerpieces

Lighting and centerpieces

Another important aspect of wedding venue decoration is the lighting. Now in order to make the most lighting at the venue you can bring an assortment of floral centerpieces that can blend in.

Yes, floral centerpieces would have always been a good idea to use for the venue decoration but pairing them up with the lighting is something that is going to create a heavenly affair.

You can bring beautiful wedding flowers like lilies, gerberas and more to create the enchanting looking centerpieces that are going to work the trick.

Colored cutlery and glassware

Colored cutlery and glassware

Now one of the most creative things you can do to create an awe inspiring affair your wedding is to add a splash of colors to it.

Yes you are using the most vibrant and fresh flowers to create a colorful wedding event, but you can go one step ahead and bring matching cutlery to the event as well.

There are plenty of amazing places out there where you can find colorful cutlery and glassware on rent. So, you need to figure out which color you want to bring to your event and then grab matching glassware and cutlery to add a touch of magic.

Hanging floral balls

Hanging floral balls

Floral balls could be used in quite a number of ways in the wedding décor.

However, to create a magical touch for your wedding what you can do is hang these balls on the celling.

As a matter of fact you can use an assortment of floral balls and lighting to bring a heavenly appearance to the venue.

No matter which wedding flowers you choose to create these hangings, they are going to mesmerize the guest coming to the venue for sure!

Wedding arches

Wedding arches

Another exciting element that you can add to your wedding décoration to create a stunning affair is beautiful floral arches.

The right amount of flowers, ribbons, balloons, drapes and lighting when used to create a wedding arch can create the magic. There are so many ideas on how to bring an event to life with the help of these wedding arches.

All you have to do is figure out what you need to do and then create a wedding arch for a stunning wedding event.

Floral walls

Floral walls

Yes, you would have used a number of beautiful flowers to create an enchanting affair at your wedding.

But the one thing you can do to up the ante here is create a wall completely covered with flowers. Not only will this work as the eye candy at the event, it will also serve the purpose as a beautiful venue to get some memorable clicks.

After all, you must capture the most beautiful moments of your life and preserver them forever. So creating a floral wall with the help of bulk flowers like roses can prove to be the best idea.

This can prove to be one of the most innovative and unique ways to create a stunning impact at your wedding all with the help of flowers.

And lot more!

This is just the list of ideas that comes to our mind when we think of creating a stunning wedding décor. However you can always add a touch of your creativity and inventiveness to create stunning wedding venue decoration.

If you have any such ideas in mind, do share with us and we would love to incorporate them as part of our future posts.

Remember, apart from these innovative ideas you can always focus on the usual elements such bouquets, boutonnieres, crowns and what not. They are always going to be an integral part of your wedding décor and you cannot afford to ignore them.

It’s just that you need to innovate and come up with unique ideas to bring a breath of fresh air even with those usual wedding elements.


This sums up our list of ideas on creating a stunning wedding venue decoration. If you are planning to throw a wedding bash and celebrating with all your loved ones, then using these creative ideas could work the best for you.

It might look a lot to do initially, but considering the end results i.e. a wedding bash that will be etched in the heart of your guests, it is all too easy!

All you need to have is the willingness to create a magical evening. Once you have the zeal to achieve this, all you need to do is get going and things will start to fall in place on their own.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin with the preparation of your wedding venue decorator and see what you can make out of it. After all, all these steps are going to consume a lot of your time – the earlier you start planning the better it is!

But wait!

You might be wondering ‘from where am I going to get bulk flowers to carry out all this wedding décor?’

If this is the case, then going to Whole Blossoms work perfectly. You can expect to find almost all varieties of bulk wedding flowers with these experts. And, their flower delivery comes with a freshness guarantee as well as the timely delivery assurance.

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Is there anything else you can ask for?

If not, then it is time to pull up your socks, and go online to first – figure out which flowers are you going to need for the wedding décor. Once you have that figured out all you have to do is just hire a professional to take care of the wedding décor or DIY!

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