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Putting Together A Centerpiece

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Flowers have been an integral part of weddings since the dawn of time. These days having flowers at your wedding involves figuring out the color schemes, florists charges, getting comfortable with thorn strippers and what not. Putting together a centerpiece is no child’s play, you’ll have to scour the Internet for ideas and go through a zillion pictures of centerpieces that you think can go well with your decor, ideally you should spend some serious time in figuring out what works well for your theme.

It is really important for your wedding centerpieces to compliment your wedding decors theme and match the mood. Wedding centerpieces are placed in a close proximity to your guests, and which is exactly why you should think warily about the ideal pick coz it is after all the center of your decor concept.


You simply cannot make your mind up about the wedding centerpiece instantaneously rather you should list some key factors before finalizing your centerpiece ideas. Matching up with the wedding colors and theme is a smart move. But don’t go overboard; pick something that you can actually afford.

When choosing your table centerpieces the first thing to consider is budget. Refer your guest list; decide how many tables are needed for the reception, and how much money you can spend for each centerpiece. Also consider the number of guests at each table, and how much table space would be acquired by the centerpiece.

Putting Together A Centerpiece

For the comfort of your guests steer clear of such centerpieces which take up too much space, and avoid designs that might block your guest’s view. If you reception venue is dimly lit, you can also include some tea lights or candles in the centerpieces to create accent lighting.

Centerpieces can take several forms, and are the ideal opportunity for couples to express themselves by means of their wedding décor, while conventional arrangements continue to remain an admired choice; many couples are also opting for more unique centerpiece designs which include their shared interests. Nowadays, you can see unique centerpieces created with flowers and fruit; rock candy; cupcakes and candles. The choices are infinite. While planning your wedding reception, let your centerpieces speak for you, and pick a design that reveals both of your personas.

Putting Together A Centerpiece 3

Anemones are the hottest wedding flowers at present. These flowers are scentless and they come in a wide range of colors. Though they are cherished by brides for their dazzling petals, the most admired ones at the moment are the white ones with a black center. They give an ultra bridal look to your centerpieces yet are contemporary at the same time. If in case Anemones are out of your budget or if they are out of season you can opt for cream gerbera daisies with a dark center.

No matter what you pick, Whole Blossoms would be glad to become a part of your wedding decorations and floral arrangements.

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