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Most Popular Types Of Roses

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What Color Rose Is Best For Wedding?

There are over 150 species of Roses with literally thousands and thousands of varieties. It is no wonder Roses are probably the most popular wedding flower in the world.  

Although their origin is shrouded in mystery, fossilized species of Roses have been found in the Northern Hemisphere. Many say the birthplace is China, but they appear in different time periods around the world.  

When It comes to weddings and events, We would like to share the Most Popular Types Of Roses, What Color Of Rose Is Best For Wedding? What Is The Most Romantic Rose? Plus, some other helpful information you might find useful in organizing your Wedding Flowers.  

The Most Popular Types Of Roses 

When considering Roses, there are different types that are more popular than others for florists and floral designers. Here are the main ones with a little description for each.  

Garden Roses  

Garden Roses are mostly hybrid Roses that are grown for their ability to be mostly ornamental for private and public gardens. There is something breathtaking about their lush appearance, especially in a Bridal Bouquet.  

Garden Roses have a very lovely scent that is characteristic of them and have been described to having the smell of fruit, musk, citrus, spice, and myrrh. There is a wide spectrum of smells as well as head sizes.  

Spray Roses  

Spray Roses are the standard rose in miniature form with multiple small blooms per stem. They are lovely and petite, with 3 to 5 heads per spray. They are great for designing wrist corsages, Centerpieces, and other small scale arrangements.  

Martha Stewart loves them and says they are the “ultimate romantic flower.” She has a wonderful article on using them in Wedding Bouquets.  

Sweetheart Roses  

According to Southern Living, Sweetheart Roses have delicate pink blooms with a honeyed fragrance. At Whole Blossoms, we have several colors of them, such as white, pink, hot pink, lavender, yellow, orange, and red. 

They can also be described as having long, pointed buds that double as they open.  

Dried Roses  

Dried Roses were once Fresh Flowers that once they pass the peak of their beauty are preserved by using a drying method that dehydrates them that are great for display.  

Preserved Roses  

Preserved Roses have undergone a preparation that makes them long lasting. This process is different than just drying them as they are treated with a non toxic chemical that is silica based solution. They can last up to 2 years without fading.  


There is also regular Roses that come in a great selection of colors that can match any kind of wedding theme and special event.  

What color Is Rose Is Best For Wedding? 

According Brides Magazine, traditional flowers symbolize love and depending on their colors, will incorporate even more significance into your wedding day flower choices.  

White Roses  

White Roses are the most traditional color of flowers for bridal bouquets. White is the symbol of purity and is often associated with the new beginnings of a happy marriage.  

They also can symbolize eternal love and can make a dramatic backdrop for your big day. 

Red Roses 

Red Roses is as classic as you can get. This color is the most popular for Valentines Day and is associated with romantic passion and can be carried into your wedding as love and beauty.  

Yellow Roses 

Yellow Roses are great in expressing joy. Typically, they are popular for Spring Weddings. There is something special event the sunny color that provides warmth and belonging.  

Ivory Roses  

Ivory Roses are popular for any time of the year. This color symbolizes thoughtfulness, grace, and perfection. White and ivory make a good contrast of colors together.  

Orange Roses 

Orange Roses have a boldness about them that demonstrates friendship and passion. There are many different colors you can arrange with this color, although red is probably the most popular choice.  

Pink Roses  

Pink Roses can add pleasant charm to your Floral Arrangements and looks good with Peonies and Sweet Pea. It is the symbol of elegance and femininity.  

Peach Roses  

Peach Roses symbolize sincerity, gratitude, and sweetness. This color often  looks great with burgundy and cream.  

Lavender Roses  

Lavender Roses is another springtime wedding favorite and is often paired with white blooms. They emanate positive energy and makes your wedding or event feel joyful.  

What Is The Most Romantic Rose? 

If you are searching for the most romantic Rose of all time, it’s by far, the Red Rose. It’s romantic status dates all the way back to Greek Mythology as it was created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. There are many other options, but hopefully this article helps you to create a short list of wedding day preparations. 

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