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Lilly Flower

Lily flowers are some of the most recognizable flowers in the world. The flower is so popular that many flowers include the “lily” in their name even though they are not lilies.
Lilies are flowering plants that grow from a blub and has large, prominent flowers. They can grow between two to six feet in height, they range in color from yellows, oranges, pinks, whites, purples, and reds. Some of them can even be blue! They are widely grown in private and ornamental gardens in temperature and tropical regions.

Lilies arrive closed and need enough time to bloom. On the delivery information provided before placing your order, we recommended scheduling Lilies delivery 3-4 days before your event to enable them to fully open. If days pass and your Lilies seem not to be opening specially during the winter, re-cut the stems, hydrate them in warm water, add a spoon of sugar per liter of water, wrap their heads in newspaper while keeping them in water at all times, and place them in a warm place with direct sunlight if possible so the opening process is accelerated. If there is no sunlight available, put them under a few lamps without allowing the lamps to be too close to the heads to avoid burning them. This will act as a sunlight to expedite the opening process. Usually, each Lily stem comes with 3 to 5 heads and only 2-3 heads open per stem. The remaining heads always remain closed. Florist keeps the remaining heads for arrangements needed for the following week. If you do not like the way how the additional heads look closed in your arrangements, you can cut them and hydrate them separately so they can be used in arrangements for the following week passed your event.

There are 5 types of lilies we have the Trumpet Lily, Easter Lily, Asiatic Lily, Oriental Lily and Martagon lily. Each one is different from one another, however, the care and handling is the same for all five but we are sure that if you follow the steps above we are sure that the vase life for the lilies you get will be as long as possible, remember that in general and if you follow the proper care and handling these five type of lilies can live between 7-10 days. There is much more to know about these flowers but hopefully, with this basic but very important information, you will be able to enjoy Lilies as long as possible.

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