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How can you use red roses in bulk for your wedding?

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red roses in bulk

There is something magical about roses that make them a perfect choice for festivities. When it comes to wedding décor, red roses in bulk always make it to the list, no matter the season, venue or theme for the event. However, if you are tired of looking roses at the same old places in wedding décor we are here with some unique ideas on how to adorn your wedding decorations using red rose flowers.

So, without further ado let us have a look at those ideas –

  1. Rose balls

You might have heard of meat balls. You would have heard of cheese balls. In fact, in your childhood you would also have watched DragonBallz. Add another name to this list on your wedding event by coming up with unique floral balls made up of red roses in bulk. These balls could be used in a number of ways. From using them as aisle markers to hangings in wedding décor – you can use these balls just the way you want to.

  1. Boutonniere

Roses are the most elegant and sophisticated looking flower when it comes to boutonnieres. The best part is that red rose looks great on almost every color. So no matter the color of the dress of the groom, a red rose can be used to adorn the garb to add a touch of panache to the groom’s appurtenance. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime day for the groom and you cannot let it be ordinary!

  1. Red rose floating centerpieces

Another exciting idea to use roses in bulk in wedding décor is by making them float in transparency stands with floating candles. The ambience that these floating centerpieces will create is simply going to be out of this world. Can’t believe it? Try it out right away by placing one rose and a candle in a glass and see how mesmerizing it appears. Just imagine if one such arrangement gives such a mesmerizing appearance, what would happen when many such centerpieces come together?

These were just a few of the ideas. There is plenty more that you can do using red roses in bulk. But in order to achieve that you need to come up with the right place to buy these flowers. So, begin the search for an online florist like Whole Blossoms to place the order for red roses in bulk before it gets too late.

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