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Flowers For A Valentine Wedding

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Valentines Roses

A new year has arrived and the love of your life has just proposed. You say: yes and the beginning of a new chapter in your life have started. You settle on getting married on Valentine’s Day. Wholesale roses and several other flowers would be great for a Valentine wedding. Let me give you a number of flowers that would just look spectacular in floral arrangements and wedding decorations.

I want to tell you about several roses that come from the farms of Colombia and Ecuador. The conventional red rose can be used with nearly all the flowers available in the market. Flower designers generally combine roses with carnations, alstroemeria, garden roses, tulips, peonies, oriental lilies, asiatic, chrysanthemums, gerberas, leather leaf, solidago, statice, baby’s breath and limonium.

Now let’s move on to Freedom Red Roses. Freedoms are intense to medium red wholesale roses. They have ninety percent aperture with standard opening and around 38 petals per bloom. The Charlotte Red Roses have a medium head that opens up in a splendid bloom. They are cultivated from the cool climate of Ecuador and Colombia. Opium Red Roses are a comparatively new breed of flower known for their fairly larger head consequential from a high petal count. One of our purest red roses imported every week, countless florists’ value the pliability and full body look once they are bloomed. The Red Success roses echo a deep red tone and possess wide, full blossoms that are alluring for bridal bouquets and vases too.

Cherry Love roses converse without words. Red roses add contrast and inspire. Combining red roses with green mini hydrangeas will create stirring floral designs that will mesmerize your guests. Wholesale Cherry Love roses come in a cherry red shade and hundred percent apertures. They have a fast opening and contain around 34 petals per rose.

Love Story roses are wholesale red roses with hundred percent apertures and quick opening. On average they include 23 petals per stem. Lush and enchanting, Love Story is an untainted red rose which can be arranged beautifully for bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and more.  Alongwith the Love Story roses are the Black Baccara Roses. These are one of the most preferred wholesale roses for wedding. Black Baccara have an exclusive dark red shade and a gorgeous opening. They will make your floral arrangements look beyond belief!

These were only red roses although I am sure you would want to add a touch of white ones as well. White bulk roses when combined with garden roses, hydrangeas and peonies look stunning in wedding bouquets and centerpieces. White flowers produce a relaxing and delightful radiance that will boost your flower arrangements and wedding decorations. Let’s not forget the Anastasia Rose; this rose has a large white bloom that with a tinge of cream in the middle a usual choice amongst brides, Polar Star white roses are acknowledged for the star shaped blossoms of their creamy white petals. Fresh cut polar star roses are appropriate for bridal bouquets because of their high petal count and large heads. The Mount Everest creamy white premium rose is known for its large bloom size, similar to the Akito Rose. It is considered a large rose in comparison to other white roses.

My gorgeous brides these were just few names of roses that can look great as your wedding flower. You can use them in bouquets or in any floral arrangements. You can combine them with other flowers or probably just use an all rose theme for your valentines wedding. In the end just remember it is your special day and you are the most beautiful rose.

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