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Be My Valentine Flower

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Valentine gift 24 Bicolor Pink RosesValentine gift 24 Red RosesValentine gift 24 Bicolor Pink Roses


Valentine’s Day has come and it is time to celebrate with your loved one, family members, and friends. When we think about Valentine’s Day we imagine stuffed animals, chocolates, candles, balloons and flowers. I really can’t say much about stuffed animals, candles, chocolates, or balloons but I will be glad to talk to you about flowers.

I want to start off with exquisite red flower centerpieces made only with fresh cut flowers from South America that include green leather leaf, red roses, red carnations, red hypericum, and red gerberas. This centerpiece can be placed in your living room or dining room to surprise the one that you love. After this you can surprise her with a ravishing premium red rose floral arrangement. This floral arrangement is made with 24 premium red roses, 3 million Star Baby’s Breath, and 3 green Leather Leaves.

You can also give an arrangement to your mother or your mother in law. The bouquet can be made of 3 Leather Leaves, 3 Million Star Star Baby’s Breath, and 24 Bicolor Dark Pink Roses. If you want to really make her smile give her a ravishing pink floral arrangement. This is made out of 3 Pink Mini Carnations, 3 Tinted Hot Pink Spider Mums, 1 Tinted Lavender Million Star Baby’s Breath, 4 Green Leather Leaves, 2 Pink Spray Roses, 3 Purple Button Poms and 2 Pink Snapdragons.

If you want to tell your grandma that you love her and you are so happy she is a part of your life, you can give her a 24 White Premium Roses, 3 Million Star Baby’s Breath, and 3 Green Leather Leaves. She will also be delighted to get Berry Pink Roses. These roses are arranged to create a magnificent floral arrangement to express love and appreciation and best wishes on Valentine’s Day.

Bi-Color Cream-Orange Rose PetalsFresh Red White Rose PetalsRed Rose PetalsAssorted Rose Petals

You can buy fresh rose petals if you are planning a romantic dinner for your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé. You can use 3,000, 7,000 and 15,000 rose petals. They can be placed as a rug for her to walk into the dining room, patio, park, or where you have arranged the romantic evening. There is a big variety of fresh rose petals. You can use red and white, red, off white, pink, hot pink, bi-color cream red, lavender, peach, orange, green, yellow or assorted.

Red Blue Rainbow RoseRed Yellow Blue RoseBlue Glitter RoseRainbow Glitter Rose


Using your imagination for this special day will be a great idea. You can buy novelty roses. These are very unique roses. Wholesale Novelty and Tinted Roses are offered in many different colors. Choose from any one of our rainbow roses that consists of multiple red, orange, pink, purple white and other colors, or if you prefer, choose a specific breed or solid color from our standard bulk rose lineup. Both bulk tinted and multi-colored roses are available year round and ship farm direct to you for maximum freshness. There is a mixture of red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, and glitter.

The person that you are going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day will remember Valentine’s Day because you took the time to look for wholesale flowers that will take their breath way.

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