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Expert Guide for the Best Flowers in Each Season

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Expert Guide for the Best Flowers in Each Season

Seasonal flowers are the perfect way to enjoy stunning, fresh, and affordable blooms for a variety of special occasions including weddings. If you are planning your wedding, you will understand just how expensive wedding flowers can be. Getting seasonal wedding flowers is not only inexpensive and budget-friendly but also allows you to enjoy the freshest and the liveliest blooms. Moreover, seasonal flowers are more versatile and adaptable to the current weather, thus, helping you avoid any unfortunate accidents. You do not want to use a winter bloom in the scorching heat of the summer, only to get a wilted and dried floral décor.

With a plethora of available flowers throughout the year, identifying the seasonal blooms can be daunting and complicated. So, here is an expert guide to help you choose the perfect flower for each season.

Best flowers for spring

Best flowers for spring

Brides love to have a spring wedding, mainly because of the overabundance of stunningly beautiful blooms. You can find fresh and vibrant bulk wholesale flowers in a plethora of colors and types. Here are some q wedding flowers that will help you get the wedding of your dreams.

Peony– These stunning, ruffled beauties are loved and adored by brides across the world. They come in a large and extensive variety of colors including pale pink, red, white, fuchsia, purple, lavender, peach, mahogany, bright yellow, coral, and much more. Peonies are quite versatile and will go perfectly with just about any other bloom. You can even use different colored peonies, without any other added blooms or greenery, to create a striking and mesmerizing wedding bouquet.

Hydrangea– One of the most popular and loved flower in weddings across the world, Hydrangea and this distinctive beauty make some of the most memorable and striking flower arrangements. Their cluster of small petals and availability in some rare and unique colors, make them the perfect flower for your spring wedding. You can buy this bulk wholesale flower in shades like pink, blue, lavender, red, green, and even some bi-colors.

Lilac– A strikingly vibrant and gorgeous bloom, a Lilac flower arrangement will leave your wedding guests breathless with awe. Their small bright purple petals and clustered look make them perfect for bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. You can easily use them independently in your wedding bouquet or even mix them with some other complimentary blooms.  Moreover, they stay fresh and vibrant for a long time so you do not have to worry about your wedding flowers wilting before the day is over.

Hyacinth– If you want your wedding flowers to represent your “something blue”, hyacinth is the perfect flower for your spring wedding. Their densely packed, waxy petals make them stand out and shine. While hyacinth generally come in the color blue, you can choose some different hues of the color. You can find some hyacinth in pure blue, violet-blue, and bluish blue.

Best flowers for summer

Best flowers for summer

Choosing the right summer flower is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. The scorching heat and the humidity will wither and dry any delicate blooms. Here are some summer flowers that will be perfect for your summer wedding.

Delphinium– These stunningly gorgeous, tall, and vibrant blooms will ensure that your wedding flower arrangement gets raving compliments from all your guests. They mostly come in colors like blue, pink, purple, and white. The blue and purple delphiniums are the most popular ones and are frequently used in colorful and striking bouquets.

Rose– One of the most loved and adored wedding flowers across the world, there is nothing better than a fresh and vibrant bouquet of roses for your summer wedding. These symbolic blooms are perfect for traditional and classic weddings. Available in a large spectrum of shades, you can choose your rose blooms from colors like red, pink, purple, white, peach, yellow, lavender, burgundy, black, and so much more. If you want to try something different and eccentric, you can also try some bi-colored roses.

Orchids– If you are looking for an elegant and classic flower for your sophisticated summer wedding, there is nothing better than orchids. These stunning and graceful blooms are perfect for brides who want to keep their wedding décor simple, subtle, and mesmerizing. Orchids are available in shades like pink, purple, blue, red, yellow, and green. Their vibrant and flowy blooms will be perfect if you want a cascading bridal bouquet for your ceremony. They can be a bit expensive at times but you can buy your bulk flowers online to get them at a discounted rate.

Sunflowers– The epitome of beauty, joy, and liveliness, sunflowers are the perfect seasonal bloom for your summer wedding. These large, vibrant, and eye-catching blooms will leave your guests mesmerized. They can go with just about any flower and will enhance the entire look of your wedding décor. Symbolizing loyalty and longevity, they will add some special meaning to your wedding decor.

Best flowers for autumn

Best flowers for autumn

The changing colors of the leaves and the abundance of blooming flowers in the early fall, this season is one of the best times to get married. Autumn offers some pretty iconic and memorable blooms that will make your ceremony striking, eye-catching, and hard to forget.

Here is some fall season wedding flowers that you can enjoy in your wedding.

Chrysanthemum– Fall is the perfect time to go for dark and dramatic flower arrangements and chrysanthemums are the perfect way to get that. These striking and eye-catching blooms come in a variety of size and colors. You can choose any bloom from small and subtle ones to large and dramatic ones. You can find chrysanthemums in just about any color including yellow, red, peach, pink, burgundy, lavender, finochia, green, blue, and so much more.

Iris– if you are looking for a unique and eccentric bloom for your fall wedding, Iris is exactly what you need. These distinctive blooms are not only stunning and gorgeous to look at but will also enhance and beautify your entire wedding venue. While white and blue iris are the two most common and well-loved fall bloom, they also come in shades like purple, red, peach, yellow, orange, and pale pink. You can use the white, peach, or pink blooms for a simple and subtle décor and try blue, purple, and red blossoms for a bright and dramatic look.

Baby’s breath– While baby’s breath is mostly used as a filler flower, you can just as easily use them as the main flower in your wedding floral arrangements. These small, clustered blooms come in pure white color and are a crucial part of some of the most iconic wedding bouquets. While white baby’s breath is the most popular and common flower that you can also get in lavender, peach, pink, and yellow color options.

Amaranthus– One of the most beautiful fall flowers, Amaranthus are unique, distinctive, and memorable. These cascading blooms go perfectly with a plethora of other flowers and will make any wedding bouquet vibrant, striking, and un-ignoble. They mostly come in dark shades like red, purple, dark pink and dark purple. You can add them in your light-colored bouquet for a pop of colored or add them in your colorful arrangement for added depth.

Best Flowers for winter

Best Flowers for winter

Winter is the ultimate holiday season and you will want your wedding flowers to be festive, celebratory, and filled with joy. Here are some stunning seasonal blooms you can use for your winter wedding.

Tulip– Available in almost every color of the rainbow, tulips are beautiful, joyful, and absolutely stunning. You can choose these single-stemmed blooms in shades like red, pink, purple, maroon, yellow, lavender, black, cream, and so much more. Different colors of tulip also signify different things like love, forgiveness, royalty, and more. So, you can buy your bulk wholesale flower according to the emotion they represent.

Anemone– Another popular wedding bloom, anemones is one of the most common additions to stunning wedding bouquets. They have a vintage and classic feel to them that can make any wedding classy and elegant. While white anemones are the most popular one, you can avail them incolors like bright red, pink, purple, magenta, blue, and more.

Gerbera daisy– Want a bright and vibrant bloom to celebrate your festive winter wedding? Gerbera daisies are bright, colorful, and the epitome of happiness and joy. These cute and romantic flowers will help you get that beautiful and magical wedding that you always dreamed of. Available in a variety of colors like bright yellow, pale pink, fuchsia pink, lavender, dark purple, red, orange, white, cream, magenta, and much more, they will be the perfect addition to your winter décor.

Gardenia– If you are looking for a romantic and dreamy bloom for your winter wedding, gardenia and their stunning ruffled exterior are exactly what you need. These striking blooms are only available in white but they can be easily and effortlessly used with just about any other flower out there. The symbol of love and purity, gardenias are perfect for the most special day of your life.

As you can see now, we have put forward the best flowers for every season. The only thing that’s left for you to decide is – which flower would you like to bring to your wedding décor. As far as choosing the perfect one for your D-Day is concerned, you can be sure to get the best of the lot right here at Whole Blossoms. So, what’s the wait? Simply go ahead and make your choice to order these flowers in bulk right away. And, we promise you are not going to regret having made the choice to be with the best wholesale flower supplier online.

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