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A Wedding Flower Guide For Anemone Flowers

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Anemone Flowers Wholesale

Weddings are a time to rejoice, celebrate love and give your life a new beginning. Hence, every wedding is accompanied by lavish arrangements and beautiful settings. A lot of intricacies are involved in planning a wedding. If you are among those in the phase of wedding planning, you’ve come to the right place! Right from selecting the perfect wedding dress for the bride, the venue and food for the guests to deciding the wedding flowers for decoration, everything is important. If you are planning for anemone flowers for the décor, here’s the flower guide you were looking for.

Are you planning the wedding right?

Planning a wedding is a time consuming as well as an expensive affair. Ask yourself- are you prepared well for it? If your answer is a no or you are in a dilemma about it, probably you aren’t dealing with it right. Here are a few suggestions to ease it out for you-

  • Finalize the venue bookings once the wedding dates are confirmed.
  • Try out and select the best fit caterers, music band for the wedding.
  • Prepare a guest list and begin with getting the invites printed.
  • Book the ideal wholesale flowers vendor to get you the best flowers in your budget.
  • Pick the perfect wedding dresses and book your wedding cake.

Fix these things in place and prepare yourself for a beautiful, sought-out and pretty wedding affair!

What is so special about anemone flowers?

Anemone flowers are rich and elegant in their appearance. Widely used in winter as well as spring weddings, these blooms are a true beauty. The flowers are also commonly referred to as windflowers because of the way they close their petals in the wind. The most popular anemones used for the wedding arrangements are white flowers with black centers. It is their quirky, peppy and modern feel that makes them so special and the perfect romantic feel to the vibrant florals.

Making Bouquet with Anemone Flowers

What colors and combinations would suit your wedding décor the best?

The most common anemone varieties are the ones with dark, black centers. The petals of these wedding flowers are white, red, purple and shades of pink. These colors can be used differently in the wedding floral arrangements to enhance the look of the venue.

Wholesale flower varieties that pair up really well with the white anemone flowers with black centers include ranunculus and peonies. For darker shades of the florals, flowers like white or baby pink lilacs would look lovely.

When it is about a flower variety as versatile as anemone flowers, there is no ideal choice! All colors and available varieties are lovely in their own way. Pick the ones that go well with your venue’s setting and your likings as a couple.

A glimpse on how you can utilize anemone blossoms

Anemone flowers are used in a number of ways to enhance the wedding décor. Some of these ways are traditional while the remaining are slightly different ones. Here are a few creative ways to use anemones at your wedding:

#1: Making an anemone bridal bouquet

An anemone bridal bouquet looks purely gorgeous! And, making one isn’t that hard either! If you like it rich and elegant, opt for white anemone flowers with black centers for the bouquet. Put together 8-10 of these blooms and a few baby’s breath flowers and greens to make it even prettier. Get wedding-ready by bunching these beauties up together!

#2: Make your wedding cake lovelier!

Why opt for a standard 3-tier wedding cake when you can be a little creative with it? Adding your wedding flowers to the cake as decoration will make the wedding seem more themed and special. So, don’t hesitate and add anemones to the cake décor to complete your wedding venue’s look.

#3: Boutonnieres, tiaras, corsages with anemones. Anything else that we might be missing?

These are all tiny wedding elements which often get ignored while making the wedding preparations. However, these are just as important. And, designing them isn’t a difficult task either. Because it’s an anemone themed wedding décor, make sure your boutonnieres and corsages are made from it too.

All you have to do is cut their stem properly and secure it with essentials coupled with greens to create fresh flower boutonnieres and corsages that complement the décor. Also, for a more dramatic look, the bridesmaids can also have anemone tiaras on their heads, carrying it with grace and beauty.

Flower Arrangements with Anemone Flowers

#4: Did you forget about the centerpieces?

Anemone wedding flowers make up for perfect table centerpieces. Because of their perfect size, not too big and not too small, they look ideal for centerpieces. For the centerpieces, however, you can use them singly if that’s how you would prefer it. Or, you could combine them up with other flowers like lilies, or baby’s breath for a unique look. Of course, don’t forget to add a little greenery with the flowers, they complement each other really well.

Try out creative wedding centerpieces ideas before finalizing on one. You could place the flowers in wooden or glass vases, in baskets, tiny decorative buckets, etc. Pick the idea that suits your liking the best. After all, it is your big day that we are talking about!

Buying wedding flowers is no more a subject of worry!

Are you looking for the ideal place to purchase your wedding flowers? If your answer is a yes, we have got you covered! Whole Blossoms is the place you should buy your wholesale flowers for the wedding. You may ask, why?

The answer is simple- we are one of the finest in town! Whole Blossoms sells wedding flowers at wholesale prices directly in bulk. This saves you from the trouble of getting involved with a middleman, thus, making your work simpler and better. Get garden-fresh anemone flowers for your wedding from Whole Blossoms, directly delivered to your doorstep! All you have to do is place an order with us for the wedding florals and supplies that you wish to buy. And, sit back and relax! Get the freshest quality anemone flowers and have a stunning décor for your wedding!

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