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Why Buy Wholesale Flowers from Whole Blossoms

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  • At Whole Blossoms we cut your flowers within 24 hours before delivery. Therefore, your fresh cut flowers have a much longer vase life than the ones bought at a local flower wholesaler, local supermarket or florist.
  • Our flowers transit in cold chain management while shipping from the farm this promotes quality and vase life of the flowers and it also helps to make sure that when you take delivery of your flowers they do not endure damage caused by drastic temperature change.
  • The farms that we work with meet very high environmental and quality standards inside the flower industry. In fact, a major portion of flowers offered by Whole Blossoms are eco-friendly and organic, and are also certified by Rainforest, Veriflora, FlorVerde and several other environmental groups.
  • We offer free shipping within the continental US. Please note that extra charges apply for rush orders, and those orders that need to be shipped outside the continental US.
  • For all your floral queries we offer free guidance and consultation via chat, email and phone, we help you in deciding your wedding and event flowers.
  • We make sure you receive your flowers! All flowers delivered by us have a signature request on delivery to guarantee that you have received your order and your package is not sitting unattended by the door.
  • Whole Blossoms works diligently with a devoted team of logistic experts to ensure that you know your orders status in transit. On your behalf, we also track your orders.
  • If you choose to place your order via phone our representatives will be delighted to assist you at no added cost to you!
  • If you need a last minute order and your local wholesaler or florist failed to deliver your order, Whole Blossoms will accommodate your order and we promise that you’ll get the needed flowers. We got your back!
  • If you want a mixed box of flowers, if you want a midst of colors or require a particular flower not listed on our website, we’ll do our best to tailor make your order to fit all your flower needs! Feel free to call us for any information on customized orders.
  • By registering on our website www.wholeblossoms.com, you will be amongst the first few to hear about upcoming specials and get exclusive offers by our newsletter which are intended to help you save.
  • Whole Blossoms provides fresh cut, premium wholesale flowers at much lower prices than the flowers offered in local markets or online. At Whole Blossoms, you pay less for superior quality wholesale flowers. We are able to offer reasonable prices because we bypass the wholesalers, the importers, and the retailer from the distribution channel thus handing over the savings to you.

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