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What Do You Know About Amaranthus?

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Amaranthus 101

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Few important points to consider with Amaranthus:

  • Several parts of this plant are edible, like the seeds and the leaves, and are often used as a food source in South America and India where one can see Amaranthus’s most important species known as kiwicha.
  • The red color in the inflorescences is attributable to an elevated level of Betacynins, much similar to Hopi red dye amaranth.
  • Decorative garden variety Amaranthus is sold by the name Cruentus or a fusion between A. Powelli and A. Cruentus.
  • In local farming, “Cruentus” is a Central American equivalent to South American “Caudatus”.
  • Aztecs use Amaranthus blossoms in numerous ceremonies, building images of their god (in particular Huitzilopochtli) with a mixture of Amaranth and honey.

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Here are a few more details about Amaranthus:

Name: Amaranthus, Amaranth, Tassel Flower, Tampal,a Flaming Fountain, Joseph’s Coat, Fountain Plant,  Love-lies-bleeding, Prince’s Feather , Molten Flower, and Summer Poinsettia.

Variety: Amaranthus is a wide species of around sixty species of short lived herbs that typically breed in tropical weather.

Colors: Red, purple, pink

Scent: They have no scent or aroma worth noticing. When crushed they smell a little like radish roots.

Freshness:  It is totally normal if Amaranthus sheds, make sure to keep them continually hydrated with fresh water.

Vase Life:  Five to Ten days.

Availability: All Year

Costs: Reasonably priced

Meaning: Never fading blossom

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Arranging Tips: You can make a hanging basket with them it provides a chance to bring an arrangement in an area that might not be well suited for a customary tabletop piece. Trim the zinnias and fill up the basket in order that the lower leaves lay at the circumference. Trim and insert the Amaranthus to the front and left side of the basket, this would allow the blooms to hang over the rim. Now trim and add lupine stems to back right side of the basket so the spires sit few inches higher than the zinnias. Finish by trimming and adding the stems of veronica to a parallel height with 2 stems in the center and 2 stems in the back left side.

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Growing Tips: Amaranthus need partially shaded to complete sunlight conditions. The soil type is not excessively important, however it must have a PH in the range of 6 and 7; for most effervescent flowers it is preeminent that the soil is not extremely rich, as that may promote growth. They must be sowed inside or outside when all danger of ice has passed. Calmly cover the seed by soil, and make certain the seedling has ample of light and protected from the cold. Gap between seeds should be 10 to 14 inches apart. Germination is observed in 10 to 14 days and 70 degrees F.

Few varieties of Amaranthus available with us:

–          Upright Red

–          Upright Bronze

–          Upright Green

–          Hanging Green

–          Hanging Red

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