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Tips On Caring Gladiolus Flower

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The Gladiolus flower is able to grow wonderfully in the warm breeze of the summer, they produce tall stems adorned with great attractive flowers; knowing how to take care of these flowers will price you with an amazing amount of colors as they will also be functional for you to use as cut flowers, which will make them the perfect flower to custom on a summer wedding.


Gladiolus Flower

Taking care of you Gladiolus flowers, especially after they bloom, will prepare them for winter, if you choose to grow them yourself or if you purchase them and want to keep them gorgeous for your event, here are a few tips on how to look after them:

  • Pull individual flowers from the stem if you see them wilting, always keep in mind that the blooms located at the bottom of the spike will open and wilt faster than the ones on top.
  • When all of the flowers have bloomed, you will be able to cut off an whole flower stalk and be sure to make a diagonal cut using a sharp knife so that water runs easily.
  • Keep all of the leaves on the stem, this allows the plant to photosynthesize in the time after all flowers have bloomed, being able to store energy for the next season, they will turn yellow and die on their own at last.
  • After your Gladiolus have bloomed, you should start using less water for them, at this point you can allow an inch on top to dry a bit.

Gladiolus Flowers

Once you have cared for them, you can definitely choose them as the perfect flowers for your bridesmaid bouquets, there are many ways in which you could arrange them, the fact that they’re a much bigger flower than most of them makes Gladiolus perfect to not use fillers or any greens.

You will find Gladiolus in a grand variety of color blooms going from pure white through pink, orange, burgundy to blue and several multicolor kinds. They will definitely contribute with the beauty factor of your reception and will be in the grand majority of your wedding’s formal pictures, therefore, you will surely want to have a nice bridal bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages flowers for the location and arrangements for the tables.

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