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Branches and Wholesale Greens

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White Cherry Blossoms





Wholesale Pumpkin Trees are a perfect addition to any flower arrangement. They grow on thick branches, these magnificent miniature gourds come directly from our farms.  Most of our customers like to use fresh cut mini pumpkin trees for seasonal events, wedding decorations, office party and for dry flower arrangements. An ideal addition to floral centerpieces, these beautiful pumpkin branches can be used as separate setups or fillers in your arrangements.

Wholesale Cherry Blossom branches can be found from late January to May. An exclusive flowering branch, cherry blossoms are extensively used by floral designers for graceful representation of spring beauty. Admired for flower centerpieces, cherry blossom branches could also be tied together to make cherry trees for indoor decoration that add a gallant and urbane statement. As a result of seasonality, these branches are subject to availability. Each bunch comes with 6 to 10 branches.

Manzanita Branches are two feet tall and come in a pack of 1 to 2 branches per bunch. One bundle has ten bunches of 1 to 2 branches. Besides the Manzanita’s, Whole Blossoms also sells Curly Willow. We have long, tips and medium Curly Willow. Whole Blossoms fresh Curly Willow tips are basically the tips or ends of the branches of Curly Willow. The short curly tip is about 28 to 40 inches long and the medium wholesale Curly Willow branches are about 40 to 60 inches long.  Our long Curly Willow branches are about 60 to 72 inches long. All of these Curly Willow branches are ideal for making tall floral arrangements and also as an addition to floral centerpiece. They can be used for wedding and Christmas flower decorations also. Fresh cut Curly Willow harvest from our farms and are shipped straight to you for most freshness.

Greens are just as significant as the branches. Bells of Ireland, also called as Molucella, are a big spiky plant with cup like leaves on the sides. Small spikes line up the leaves and small blooms grow within the leaves.

Fiddlehead Ferns, also called as Fern Curls, are gorgeous exotic fillers that create perfect accompaniments to floral arrangements. They can be used in wedding bouquets and boutonnieres they can also be used in flower centerpieces to create an exotic and unique look. Wholesale fresh cut fiddleheads are available all through the year. Wholesale Fiddlehead ferns are harvested for your custom orders and vigilantly packed at the farm for shipping to you.

With a blend of silver white and subtle green color, fresh cut Dusty Miller greenery creates lovely table centerpieces and other floral decorations. Most brides and their florists prefer Dusty Miller filler to highlight bouquets and boutonnieres. We love to combine fresh cut Dusty Miller with garden roses and succulents.

Ti Leaves symbolize a tropical evergreen which is medium in width and local to South Pacific regions where its leaves are used in cultural events, celebrations and even clothing. They are immensely popular in flower arrangements; Hawaiian Ti Leaves are outstanding fillers and are used in creating Ti Leaf Leis. For best and most freshness, your Ti Leaf orders are custom harvested and packed carefully at the farm.

Lastly we discuss Baby Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a fragrant filler famous for its distinctive blue gray color and it scent. Purchase Baby Eucalyptus to design outstanding wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Well these are just few names of branches and greens that could be used for special events. You can also use these for wedding, holiday, and for many more events decorations. Benefit from our wholesale prices, and free shipping on these fillers and greens.

Pumpkin Tree

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