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There is a large variety of flowers that are available throughout the year. These flowers can be used for wedding bouquets, decorations, flower arrangements, or any event that needs floral decoration. Since there is a wide range of flowers I will only bring up the ones a found eye-catching and fascinating.

David Austin Darcey Red Garden RoseDavid Austin Juliet Peach Garden RoseDavid Austin Keira Garden RoseDavid Austin Patience Rose

Let’s start with the David Austin Roses. Darcey Red David Austin Roses are elite and chic wholesale roses. Darcey Garden Roses are a symbol of passion and romance they’ll surely add a striking contrast to your wedding flowers. Kate David Austin Roses come in a hot pink shade that blends well with pastel shades and vivacious colors to make your wedding decorations stand out. Last of all in the David Austin Roses is the Keira David Austin Rose. This rose comes in a very light shade of pink. The Keira David Austin Garden Rose is used in bridal bouquets and also in other wedding decorations. They are famous for their fragrance.

Football Mum Bronze FlowersJumbo Football Mum Tinted Purple FlowerFootball Mum Lavender Pink FlowerJumbo Football Mum Tinted Red Dark Pink Flower

Jumbo White Football Mums are also available throughout the year. They represent the largest flowers in the mum family. They are distinguished by their elongated petals searing through a central bulb head. Admired and extreamly popular in Texas Homecoming football games, they are also used by football mums in floral arrangements that stir up feelings of merriment and cheerfulness.

Lavender Lisianthus FlowerLisianthus Dark Pink FlowerPurple Lisianthus FlowerWhite Lisianthus Flower

Lisianthus is available all year long in different colors. The Lavender Lisianthus flowers make a gorgeous centerpiece or an accent for wedding bouquets. Having a royal look, these flowers demonstrate proudly with their affluent green stems and complementary buds. A comparatively long lived cut flower, Lisianthus is comparable to roses, however with a fragile touch. The dark pink Lisianthus is very similar to a typical rose. With dark pink rich petals, the blossom opens elegantly to cup-shaped bloom perched up on thin stems with dark green leaves. The Champagne Cream Lisianthus have rosettes of pliable petals which open to expose layers of off-white neutral tones. This variety is abundant with quantities of green ruffled buds which continue to open on smooth green stems.

Assorted Cushion PomsGreen Button Poms Flower - Yoko OnosAssorted Button Poms FlowerCDN Pom Chrysanthemums Flower

A variety of Chrysanthemum, the varied colored Button Pom flowers is available throughout the year. Our collection includes green, white and yellow button poms. They are durable flowers that can undergo lack of water and hot weather, and still be perfect for open-air/outdoor celebrations. Cream White Stock flowers are generally used to accent bouquets, centerpieces and other wedding floral arrangements. The Metallic Ruscus blend of pinks, blues and purples will embellish all spaces in your venue. Metallic Ruscus complement well with your wholesale flowers and make them glow with love.

Pink Statice FlowerYellow Statice Filler FlowerStar of Bethlehem FlowerWhite Statice Filler Flower

Star of Bethlehem Ornitoghalum flowers, also famous as Ornithogalum is very popular for bridal bouquets and weddings. It contains six white petals with remarkable stamens. The exceptional long-lasting Star of Bethlehem flower is a delicate and chic flower. This extraordinary variety offers a delightful and charming touch to wedding arrangements. With numerous blooms that gradually open to expose a one of its kind beauty, the Star of Bethlehem is an incredible complement for boutonnieres, bridal bouquets and other wedding flowers.

To conclude I will talk about the White Statice filler flower which makes a magnificent addition to floral centerpieces and fillers for bouquets and other wedding decor. Famous for its paper-like feel, Statice have a large amount of petite blooms that respite upon a rectangular bed on the flower stems. They come in purple, yellow, pink, lilac, lavender and blue purple. I trust that my bringing up these wholesale flowers would help you to easily find flowers for your special day. All of these wholesale flowers are great for weddings, Christmas, or perhaps a gift to tell someone that you love them.

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