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The Bloom of Wholesale Flowers: A New Trend Among Brides in 2023

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What Flowers Brides Using This Year?

In the world of wedding planning, a shift is taking place. More and more brides in 2023 are choosing wholesale flowers over traditional local florists. This trend, driven by several factors, has disrupted the floral industry and marked a new era in wedding aesthetics. 

The appeal of wholesale flowers lies primarily in their cost-effectiveness. Wedding expenses can quickly accumulate, leaving many couples seeking ways to trim their budgets without compromising on their dream day. Opting for wholesale flowers allows brides to create stunning floral arrangements at a fraction of the price offered by local florists. 

Another benefit of going the wholesale route is the broader variety of flowers available. Traditional florists are often limited by seasonal and regional availability. In contrast, wholesale suppliers can source flowers globally, providing couples with virtually limitless options to curate their wedding bouquets and decor. 

The world of wholesale also empowers brides to take control of their floral designs. The DIY approach allows brides to personalize their wedding decor truly, creating a unique atmosphere that reflects their style and personality. This trend is increasingly popular among millennial brides who value authenticity and individuality. 

However, the shift towards wholesale flowers doesn’t mean local florists are obsolete. Many brides still value the expertise and convenience that come with hiring a professional. For those who don’t have the time or inclination to assemble their floral arrangements, local florists provide a valuable service. 

In conclusion, the rise of wholesale flowers in 2023 represents an exciting development in wedding trends. As couples increasingly seek to personalize their weddings and manage their budgets, wholesale flowers offer an attractive alternative to traditional florist services. However, as with all aspects of wedding planning, the decision between wholesale and local florist ultimately comes down to personal preference and priorities. 

Roses For Wedding Flowers  

The trend forecast for 2023 weddings points to a resurgence in the popularity of roses as the flower of choice for brides. Roses, with their timeless elegance and versatility, are expected to reclaim the spotlight in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decorations. They can effortlessly fit into any wedding theme – be it rustic, modern, or traditional. Whether brides opt for the classic red rose, the delicate charm of pink, or the purity of white, these blooms are set to make a romantic and stylish statement in 2023 weddings. 

Dahlia For Wedding Flowers 

In recent years, Dahlia flowers have also seen a surge in wedding popularity. With their wide range of vibrant colors and intricate petal formations, Dahlias present an appealing option for many modern brides. Their bold and dramatic presence makes them an excellent choice as a centerpiece or statement piece in bouquets. Dahlias symbolize elegance, inner strength, and creativity, resonating with many couples desiring to infuse their celebration with personal significance and charm. Their seasonal peak in late summer and fall also positions them as a beloved choice for autumn weddings. Therefore, while roses continue to be a classic option, Dahlias are certainly holding their own in the wedding floral market of today. 

Carnations For Wedding Flowers 

Amid the variety of blossoms used in weddings, Carnations have steadily held their ground. They offer an extensive palette of colors, each carrying a unique symbolism, making them a delightful choice for contemporary weddings. Due to their long-lasting nature and lesser expense compared to roses or dahlias, carnations are often a preferred choice for large-scale floral installations or to fill up bouquets. The ruffled, ball-like blooms add texture and depth to arrangements. Traditionally associated with love and fascination, the versatility of carnations allows them to fit seamlessly into any wedding theme. Whether you favor them for their affordability, symbolism, or their classic beauty, carnations undoubtedly add a unique touch to nuptial celebrations. 

Sunflowers For Wedding Flowers 

Sunflowers, with their bright yellow petals and bold, sunny disposition, are increasingly being chosen for wedding floral arrangements. They offer a refreshing divergence from traditional wedding flowers, embodying joy, adoration, and longevity. Their imposing height and vibrant color make sunflowers unique and eye-catching, adding warmth and cheer to any wedding setup. Especially favored for rustic or country-themed weddings, sunflowers can serve as captivating centerpieces or aisle decorations. They also pair wonderfully with other flowers, creating dynamic, visually appealing arrangements. With their strong symbolism and distinctive aesthetics, sunflowers are steadily emerging as a modern favorite in the wedding floral landscape. 

Baby’s Breath For Wedding Flowers 

Baby’s breath flowers, traditionally used to fill gaps in bouquets and centerpieces, are today becoming a standalone choice for many brides. Their delicate, tiny white blossoms symbolize innocence and everlasting love, making them particularly fitting for weddings. Baby’s breath, when used on its own, can create a dreamy, ethereal ambiance that is both elegant and whimsical. Whether adorning the aisle, gracing the bride’s hair, or even forming a cloud-like centerpiece, these flowers add a touch of subtle beauty and charm to the occasion. Their hardiness and extensive blooming season are additional advantages, making them a reliable and versatile option for weddings throughout the year. As we continue to see more creative uses for this modest flower, it’s clear that baby’s breath is no longer just a filler, but a star in the wedding floral scene. 


As we transition into the autumn season, it’s the perfect time to start planning your fall weddings. Autumn weddings bring a fresh palette of warm and rich colors, from the vibrant oranges and reds of fall foliage to the deep purples and blues of a twilight sky. Consider incorporating seasonal blooms such as dahlias, whose peak season aligns perfectly with fall, into your floral arrangements for a touch of elegance and creativity. Sunflowers, too, make a distinctive choice for your wedding décor, embodying joy and brightness amidst the relaxing coolness of autumn. And don’t forget the versatile baby’s breath. Whether adding a hint of whimsy to your bouquet or creating a dreamy centerpiece, they can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of your fall wedding. Remember, the perfect wedding encompasses both personal meaning and a beautiful presentation, so choose flowers that resonate with your style, theme, and story. Happy planning!

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