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Sunflower floral decoration- The modern wedding decoration theme

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A lot of new varieties of flowers are being used nowadays in the floral decoration of weddings.  Everyone wants to make their wedding special, after all, it is their once in a lifetime event. They want it to be colorful, bright and magnificent. You can also use bright and elegant sunflowers in wholesale at Texas for decorating up the venue.  You can use sunflowers in a lot of ways to decorate your wedding.

  • Boutonniere and Sunflower pomander– You can make balls and pomander out of sunflowers and hang them on the upper ceiling of the venue. This adds elegance to your wedding, and also makes the wedding venue look brighter and elegant. You can also prepare sunflower boutonnieres which gives a finishing touch to the venue. You could also attach a sunflower boutonniere to the suit of the groom; it will add to the elegant look of the suit and make the groom look more brightened up. You can use sunflowers in wholesale from Texas for preparing pomanders and decorate the wedding venue.  You can also use a modern method of overhead floral decoration. You can prepare a false ceiling decorated with sunflowers in a specific pattern or arrangement.
  • Sunflower Wall and Cakes– Flowers walls have gained extreme popularity in the recent times. They never fail to attract the guests with their elegant and magnificent looks. You can also prepare a wall covered with magnificent sunflowers behind the reception to welcome your guests from a more appealing entrance. You can use sunflowers in wholesale from Texas either behind the reception or on the sidewalk of the entrance. You can also put up sunflower walls all around the wedding venue; this will look stunning as well as creative. You could also order the wedding cake decorated with bright sunflowers, this would look magnificent. These customized cakes are nowadays easily available at different bakers and confectioners.
  • Other uses of sunflowers– You could also prepare a sunflower bouquet which would be held by the bridesmaid. You could also set up sunflower bouquets at the center of the tables; this would look appealing and alluring. You could get sunflowers in bulk from Texas and decorate the stage of the bride and groom with sunflowers arranged in a specific pattern. You can also use sunflowers to prepare the jewelry for the bride; you can prepare necklace, tiaras, and bracelets for the bride with sunflower. You can even prepare the same jewelry for the bridesmaid.

Therefore, there are many ways by which you can use to decorate your wedding flowers. Here were some unique ways which you could use.

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