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Succulent Flowers: The New Bride Favorite for Wedding Bouquets

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Succulent Wedding Flowers
Succulent Wedding Flowers

It is widely known among florists and wedding planners that the majority of brides choose popular traditional flowers for their wedding. Garden roses, hydrangeas, callas, and regular roses are chosen by hundreds of brides because of their classic shape and colors. Tones like cream, peach, light pink, and white are carefully chosen to accentuate wedding venues, churches, reception halls, etc. When classic flowers are not on the list, brides normally choose outdoor wedding flowers such as gerberas, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers. Nevertheless, during the past year, there has been a significant increase on the number of brides who chose succulents as their focal flower for their bridal bouquet.

A few years ago, Succulents were not widely known or were as popular as they are these days. Many individuals were unaware of their native disposition and resilence that make them an excellent option for DIY brides who know little about flowers. Given the fact that succulents grow with little hydration, they are low-maintenance and simple to care for. Their ability to adapt to almost any region and to grow in high or low areas, where rainfall is limited, make succulents an excellent floral choice for those with little time on their hands. Succulents store water in their gorgeous and hardy petals. Therefore, they don’t need to be placeed in water like fresh cut flowers, or refrigerated to extend their vase life.

Not only are succulent flowers a fine option for their hardy and resistant blooms, they also come in a particularly unique color selection that will match almost any color and flower you want to put in your wedding bouquet. Their ravishing green shades melt with white, pink, and burgundy centers or edges depicted on some varieties. Each succulent varietal displays a unique combination of colors that beautifully matches garden roses, callas, hydrangeas, among other classic flowers and colors. They also look gorgeous accompanying bright-colored flowers such as gerberas, delphinium, mums, etc.

There are other bright colors available for bold brides such as red, blue, black, and many others. These options are tinted so almost any shade can be created! If your vendor does not have the shade you desire available, remember that floral paint can be your best friend!

Although most of the brides choose succulents as a focal flower to be combined with other flowers, many others use them as their only flower choice. You can always choose to have different shades, shapes, and varieties to create a beautiful contemporary arrangement, or you can also focus on only one or two varieties. One of the most beautiful bouquets can be created with the same variety and shade of flower, or combining the different shapes your vendor offers.

Don’t miss the chance of working with this low-maintenance and gorgeous flower that over time, has made a place in among florists and floral designers for use as wedding flowers.

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