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Picking The Right Flowers For Your DIY Wedding

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Right Flowers For Your DIY Wedding

The wedding season is here and many of you might be busy making arrangements to make your wedding a grand one. From your wedding theme, to the surprises you have planned for your beloved, everything adds a lovable element to the wedding.

Flowers being an integral part of the celebration, it is necessary for the flower arrangements to be appealing!  And what better gift for your beloved than an unforgettable memory of a beautiful celebration with gorgeous flowers of different colors and fragrances?

Start off by deciding what kind of flowers you’ll use to decorate your halls, whether you want to complement the theme, or want to have a twist with contrast, or bunches of the same color, or perhaps combinations of various varieties and colors.

Choose wisely!

  1. Collect ideas from internet: First of all you should check the best ideas over the internet, that suit your taste. The best ideas can be fetched from websites like Pinterest. Save those pictures and prepare a budget accordingly.
  1. Implementing the idea: Once your budget is ready, and the big day is close, it’s time to start implementing your plans.

Choose an appropriate flower seller; you can buy flowers online from wholeblossoms website. We have a wide range of flowers available for your big day. We can also arrange for the accessories needed to decorate the bouquets.

Make sure that you don’t burden yourself, or else you will end up creating a whole mess! Gather people to assist you.

DIY Flowers for your Wedding

Start by segregating all the flower types. You will have to decide what kind of bouquets will go well with your theme. Start gathering the flowers. Make sure the lengths of the stalks are almost same.

Grab the flower you want to be at the center of your bouquet. Slowly start adding flowers to it. You can either go for a bouquet with a single variety of flowers in it like a romantic red rose bouquet or dazzling blue tulips or you can make a bouquet of contrasting shades like red and white, or you can go for randomly selected multi colored flower with added accessories to it.

Remember, align your flowers properly, it doesn’t matter how much efforts you put in to gather and decorate your bouquet if they are not aligned properly your bouquets won’t be of any use for the big day.

Secure the flowers properly with a cello tape and then wrap the stalks with a bouquet tape. You can also add a bouquet ribbons to make it more appealing!

All the best for your big day!

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