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How to make Boutonnieres with Real Flowers

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Making wedding arrangements by yourself is one of the memorable parts of your wedding, making Boutonnieres and Corsages are one of the few things which can be taken care in the house.

Before making one, you have to decide which flower to be used for it, real flowers or fake flowers, and ensuring that it lasts all the hugs, kisses, and photos on your wedding. It should also be taken care that, if the Boutonnieres are made up of real flowers, it has to be kept cool temperature until the time if nuptials.

Here are the few steps you need to follow to make your personal Boutonnieres:

Arrangement: You have to arrange the flowers, greenery, ribbons, wire to support the flower, and organic tape you want to use. Make sure the materials are similar to the bride’s bouquet. You also need to ensure the theme for the groom and groom’s men. How to make Boutonnieres

Support: First of all, chose the finest bud of the flower you want to use, then you need to use the wire to support the flower, which will be a backbone to the bud. How to make Boutonnieres support

Assembly: Take our the greenery and other supporting flowers and wrap them with the chosen bud with the help of the green tape till the tail. Make sure, it is arranged in a way that the bud id the highlight of Boutonniere.

How to make Boutonnieres assembly

Final Step: Once you are done with assembling the Boutonniere, take out the ribbon and make a flower shape and tie it to the Boutonnieres with the help of the tape or you can use magnet pins. And it’s ready.

You can use floral clippers and pearl head Corsage pins to pin up on the suit. The best Boutonnieres are made up of Roses, Orchids, Stephanotis, Tulips and Calls as they tend to stay for a longer time and easy to make.

There are many different themes you can explore. Here are few example:

How to make Boutonnieres final step

differnt types of Boutonnieres

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