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Different Types of Wedding Flowers For Your Dream Wedding

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Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, a aisle decorated with best flowers, may be of your choice of may be of your wedding planner’s choice but you expect it to be perfect.

When you are creative bride, or friend of a bride, choosing flowers can be a huge task. You are not only choosing flower for your wedding bouquet but for ceremony flowers, centerpieces, wedding cake, boutonnieres, corsages and all other kind of decorations. It can be tedious job because, you have keep in mind the season of the flowers, which kind of flower you want.

There are flowers known for their scent, some for their appearance and some for colors. It gives you a wide range. It depends on what kind of wedding you are planning, is it a s hipster based, vintage one or a simple and elegant one.

To decide on your flower decor, we will help you with different types of flowers for your dream wedding. Here is the list:

1. Rose

Types of Wedding Flowers Roses

A subject of many myths and fairy tales, a symbol of love and beauty, the rose has been one of most opted flowers for weddings. Many because it is available in solid colors as well as bicolor varieties. And is available all around the year and is very much affordable.

2. Orchid

Types of Wedding Flowers Orchid

This is a new flower in the aura of weddings, it is a best for tropical kind of setting, it is available in green white and purple. Many couples opt for it when having a destination wedding.

3. Tulip

Types of Wedding Flowers Tulip

Tulip mainly is a symbol of happy years, consuming love. This flower is available during much of year. It is easily affordable and had a wide range of colors like pink, yellow, magenta and purple. In the modern weddings, it is used in a great extend.

4. Anemone

Types of Wedding Flowers Anemone

The second flower making an entry in modern weddings is this one. It is a dark centered in middle and gives a striking look to the arrangement. Mostly used in winter and spring weddings.

5. Calla Lily

The trumpet-shaped blossom is a based on Africa. This is the flower which can be used for tall arrangements as first variety is long smooth stem, whereas the miniature versions can be used for nosegays and boutonnieres.

6. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley Wedding Flowers

This bell shaped flower hanging on a thin step is very much used for wall decorations, it is expensive most of the year but it has a wonderful fragrance, the process goes down when the season comes, you have to be very careful while deciding on it.

7. Daisy

Wedding Flowers Daisy

Mostly known as traditional wedding flower, it is simple and elegant. It has a different charms in vintage theme weddings. It has been choice for bouquets many centuries and yet in very much in demand due to low price and elegance.

8. Hydrangeas

Wedding Flowers Hydrangeas

This flower is known for changing it color when it grows, It makes a beautiful table flower on wedding due to its big bushy head. It is moderately priced but it makes it worth for the arrangements.

9. Ranunculus

Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

This cost effective flower can be a replacement if you are not able to decide on Roses and Peonies. The bride and Groom can make beautiful nosegays, boutonniere from it.

 10. Peony

Peony Wedding Flowers

It is known for its strong perfume and bright colors, the best use of this flower can be to make bouquet and centerpieces because of its gorgeous herbaceous. It is seasonally available and is expensive.

11. Baby’s Breath

Wedding Flowers Baby's Breath

This flower has made a come back in weddings, it is usually used for cloud like sophisticated wedding arrangements. Due to its appearance, it is widely used in Winter wedding themes.

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