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4 Places Flowers Can Really Showcase Your Party or Reception

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Look around the room where your next party will take place. Do you see other details that can be accented with flowers on your wedding day? The best and most talented floral designers and wedding coordinators have an eye for finding that one decorative detail, such as a chandelier or windowsill that is the perfect place for a beautiful floral accent, and placing even the smallest, most unassuming flower or bunch these brings is an entire corner of the room of life.

Here are four ideas that make you think of elements that can bring to life with just one tiny floral embellishment.

Is there a spiral staircase with a banister that can be adorned with garlands and flowers? Is there a marble staircase leading down from the terrace to the grassy grounds? Each step can feature potted florals on either side, or you can place a pure floral garland on the handrail.

Pull aside the curtains and look at the detail of the big picture windows and decorative windowsills. You’ll find out below how to turn this, the number one room detail for décor, into a showstopper that extends far beyond the boundaries of the room.

Plan a visit to your site so that you can take photos, take notes, and make plans to bring floral loveliness into the ideal nooks and crannies of your room. Take lots of digital photographs so that you can later “explore” the room for additional floral accenting and other décor, and don’t forget to take photos of the hallways for the décor opportunities as well.

Again, be sure to check with your site manager to be sure you’re floral and décor plans will be allowed and to find out what the site typically creates for existing floral décor in each season.

Flowers on the Mantel

  • Many sites feature fireplaces, whether working or decorative, with mantels for floral accents.
  • Design an elongated mantelpiece that stretches across one-third the length of the mantel for the best dimensions.
  • A long mantel welcomes three or four smaller floral accents, such as clusters of white roses in low set vases, interspersed with candles.
  • Mantels are natural showcases, so drape a lush green garland along the length of it, with the ends trailing towards the floor.

Flowers on Tables

  • Your site may have an array or tables throughout the building, on which you can set floral pieces.
  • Tour your site to scout out the presence of any coffee tables next to couches seating.
  • All you need for these table areas are small bunches in plain glass vases, or a single flower floating in water in a small vase.
  • Pillar candles and votives fill out your look, so tables are ideal for flower petals additions.

Flowers on Windowsills

  • Set a small, low-set floral such as a single ranunculus, peony, or gardenia in a tiny vase on each windowsill in the room.
  • Match the color of your windowsill florals to a color seen through the window.
  • Mix flowers with seasonal items such as holly leaves and berries for the winter weddings, gourds and pinecones for fall weddings, seashells and starfish for summer weddings, or items for your theme.
  • Keep lit candles far away from windowsills.

Flowers on Stairs

  • Set a small potted flower on each step of stairways either inside or outside for an added dash of color.
  • If budget is an issue, place potted flowers on every other step.
  • Use ceramic vases to hold bunches of coordinating flowers to tie into your décor.
  • Use larger potted flowers or vases on the bottom step and smaller versions on each step above.

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