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Halloween Wedding

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Halloween is well known for the candy and the decorations for children now days. Some of the things that many people do all around the word is  trick-or-treating, costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted house attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. I bet you didn’t know that this day is also known for All Saint’s Eve.  In many countries as a religious note they light candles on the graves of the dead. The amazing thing is that however people wish to celebrate this day they decorate with flowers in many different ways as well.

Flowers are used even in Halloween weddings. Don’t think that because the wedding is on Halloween you have to have a creepy and scary wedding. Many people say that it is bad luck if you get married on Halloween, well that is the first mistake you would make believe that it is bad luck, because trust me it is not. Let’s begin with your bridesmaids; they can carry an amazing bouquet of orange Ranunculus, with some type of green that you really like.

The next one of your wedding party I would say is the flower girl. You can place beautiful orange Freesia in her hair and make a fantastic decoration. She can dress like a fairy or a princess with wings and it can be the color light orange or even black with orange belt. The petals that this little princess will carry can be the orange rose petals or the orange salmon rose petals. You may wonder what is the difference between these two and it is that one is a dark orange and one is a very light orange.

Now we will see what the amazing bride can use in orange. My suggestion is that she has White Cattleya Orchids, Mango & Sunrise Mini Callas, and Yellow Carnations & Greens all into one bridal bouquet. If she wants something that shows more the orange she can also get the Mango & Sunrise Mini Callas, Kangaroo paws, Israeli Ruscus and Aspidistra Leaves bridal bouquet. I would say it is amazing actually that the bridesmaid carry orange and the bride carried something a darker color. In this case she can use the Chocolate Nosegay Mini Calla Bridal Bouquet or the Eggplant Dark Purple Nosegay Mini Calla Bridal Bouquet. These bouquets com already prepared so the bride doesn’t have to worry about preparing them herself. If she wishes she can add some transparent beads to hang from bouquets.

Obviously my friends we don’t want to leave the mother of the bride of the mother in law left behind. To add a little different touch to this you can actually have corsages for them. The Purple Mini Calla, Yellow Rose & Green Leaves made into a hand corsage is perfect for these beautiful ladies. You would think they don’t come with anything at all but these corsages include floral tape, satin ribbon, bow or pin. If they prefer to wear a pinned corsage they could use the Dark Purple Mini Calla & Greens that also include floral tape, satin ribbon, bow or pin.

See flowers can be used for a wedding decoration in many ways. You just have to use your imaginations and come to Whole Blossoms where we are happy to assist you with you Halloween Wedding. If you wish to use orange, white, yellow, or dark colors for you wedding we are happy to offer you a large variety of flowers for your event. This is one of the most important events in your life, and we want to make sure that you enjoy every moment of at and not have to worry about the flowers, let us do that for you.

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