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Creating a sweetheart rose hair comb for your wedding

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Creating a sweetheart rose hair comb for your wedding

If you talk about the list of wedding accessories, the count is never ending. There is so much stuff that you need to gather in order to create the most beautiful event that it could be virtually impossible to manage by a single person. Whether you talk about stuff like wholesale wedding flowers for bouquets and centerpieces or small items like boutonnieres, crowns or hair combs, there is so much that needs to be done.

While you can easily find plenty of information about the big things, we are going to talk about the most subtle thing that is going to be part of your wedding event. We are here to talk about the rose hair comb that is going to adorn the head of the bride.

No matter which part of the world you are from, there is no denying the fact that this accessory is the most besaitufl artifacts that adorn the bride on her wedding day. And, create is does not require you to be a professional.

All you need to do is to order wholesale flowers online and create a DIY hair comb for the bride on your own. Apart from the flowers, you are going to need some basic elements such as a plastic comb, some crystals to add a touch of panache, clear glue, wire, wire cutter, and a needle pose plier.

Secure the flowers on the comb using the wire and pins. Cover the metal pines and the wires creatively using the flowers so that it they are not visible to the naked eye. Spread glue on the entire arrangement carefully, and sprinkle some crystals on it to create a magnificent appeal.Let it dry for some time and it is ready to be used for your D-Day!

When it comes to hair combs, one of the most popular choices of wholesale wedding flowers to be used in creating them is rose flowers. However, based on the theme you have set for the event, and the wardrobe you are going to adorn on that special day you can go with any other flower option as well. It entirely depends upon how you want to present yourself out there!

So, those were some simple tricks on how to create a magnificent sweetheart rose hair comb for your wedding. Are you ready to create one?

If yes, then order the flowers and get going with the process right away!

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