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8 Tips for Making a Unique and Small Wedding

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Everyone is a fan of vast and lavish weddings. Full weekend fun, guests are arriving with tremendous gifts, fabulous dresses, and love in the air! And the overwhelming beauty of the wedding location is another type of excitement. While it can be fun to host a grand wedding party, there is something unique and different about an intimate affair.

Small weddings are in trend these days, not because they’re less pressurizing on the budget. But also because they bring a unique opportunity to enjoy with your special ones. You don’t need to worry about every person present there, and a smaller headcount gives the chance to explore and experiment at your wedding. Small weddings open a realm of opportunities which might not be a practical approach for a larger group. And the best part is that you can try different options for venues, decorations, food, and bulk wedding flowers.

Small weddings give the chance to be creative and stylish with the theme and give a personal touch that reflects your love. We have rounded up eight best tips to make your wedding unique and memorable.

  • A Destination Wedding:

When you’re not inviting a large group of people, you indirectly expand your budget. Utilize it on booking a destination wedding for yourself. You can choose any place you like, or settle for what your partner likes. Invite your close ones there and make your wedding a memorable time for them as well. Explore the food and culture of your favorite place. You can also enjoy the beaches and mountains of the place, go for adventurous rounds, and do camping. 

  • Make more personal invitations:

Inviting only a handful of guests gives you more time and margin to work on your invitations. And they should be pretty good, as you will share your happy news with your close ones. You can try handwritten invitations with personalized notes in them. You can also add one splurge item in your budget to make it more intimate and exciting.

  • Experiment with the food:

Deciding on the wedding menu is a tough task. So if you’re planning your wedding celebration with a limited number of people, you can upgrade your menu. Add something authentic of the place, and you also can add little pricey but delicious items. Or you can be unique with the food department and hire a food truck!

  • Extra-detailed decorations:

If you’re changing your venue for the wedding, might as well try some new decoration style. Begin your decorations with personalized escort cards and place cards decorated for each guest. Add a little spark with DIY wedding flower centerpieces which are easy to make and handle. Decorate the walls with ancient Chinese crockery and sets. Hand floral wreaths made of fresh cut roses on the pillars and doors. You can also write notes for every guest as a thank you gesture.

  • Organize a different seating arrangement:

The best part of having fewer guests at your wedding is the cozy and intimate seating arrangement. You can go casual or stylish with seating arrangements, just as you like. You can choose one large table for everyone to converse and sit together. And share their stories and memories of you. Making a toast would even be more exciting and funny with everyone sitting just around you.

Small Wedding Seating Arrangements
Photo by Jenny Fu
  • Color your wedding dress:

Doesn’t matter big or small wedding, you should be free to decide the color of your wedding dress. And if you’re trying something different in every department, why not your wedding dress! Go for your favorite color instead of a white gown and wear a colorful crown of pink garden roses. Pick a cute flower bouquet to add to your style.

  • A separate flower station:

What’s a wedding without classy pictures to upload? Of course, this wedding is special for you and your close ones. Make it more different by giving them a stage of flowers to get themselves clicked in their favorite dresses and spam the internet. A flower station made of wholesale wedding flowers is a good idea. Decorate them with colorful pins and ribbons. You can buy bulk wedding flowers online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

  • Be unconventional:

It’s your wedding. It means a perfect opportunity to make all your dreams come true. From the wedding’s venue to your wedding dress, everything of your choice. Don’t let this chance go and be unique with everything you do. You may write your separate vows, wear something different, get everyone a special item to flaunt, or even work on a theme. Inspire everyone by especially celebrating this big day just like your love is.

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