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5 Unique Ideas to Incorporate Roses into your Wedding Decorations

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Roses are the most popular of all flowers known to mankind. A symbol of love, these flowers make it to every wedding décor without even a single thought. In fact, they have been an integral part of wedding decorations since ages. You might have seen wedding centerpieces, bridal bouquets or bridesmaid bouquets made of roses. But are there any more ways in which you can use them for wedding ornamentation? Definitely there are!

And, in this post we bring some unique, exciting and wonderful ways in which you can incorporate Bulk Roses into your wedding decoration and leave the guests spell bound.

So, without further ado here is the list of unique ways in which you can use roses to beautify your wedding gaieties –

  1. Rose candlesticks

Candlestick Rose

Candles, we all have seen at every wedding. Why not make use of candle stands with a twist by placing a single rose stick in each candle stand? And, create a romantic, rosy and unforgettable atmosphere!

  1. Wall of roses

Wall of Roses

Wedding is the quintessential day of your life. So, why not make it majestic by adding a touch of grandiosity to it? Create a wall of blush pink roses to pose for the special day.

  1. Urn of roses

Urn of Roses

Add a touch of élan and exquisiteness by decorating the tables with gold urns bursting with roses. Keep other table arrangements to the minimum to create a majestic appeal, and see how the guests are left in awe!

  1. A canopy of roses

Canopy of Roses


A canopy of roses hanging on top of the wedding dinner table is the perfect way to add glamour to the wedding celebrations. So, why not create an extravagant rose canopy and create a delight for the eyes of guests.

  1. An arch of roses

Arch of Roses

Be the showstopper on the most exciting day of your life. Add an arch of roses to your wedding décor and create a photo backdrop worth envying.

There you have it. These were some pretty simple, but unique ideas to use roses as a part of your wedding decorations. I’m sure you would love to incorporate these ideas into your wedding revelries and etch those moments in your memories forever. And, why not, these moments are worth it!

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