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13 Things About DIY Wedding Ideas You May Not Have Known

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DIY Weddings Bouquet

Planning a wedding can be a lot of pressure. A wedding involves happiness, joy, blessings, flowers, and a lot of expenses. Flowers are used in huge bulks to decorate the entire wedding venue. Be it any theme or season; there’s always an extensive usage of flowers. To save you some money, you can use a few DIY wedding ideas to enhance your wedding.

13 DIY wedding ideas you should try at your wedding

Here’s a list of 13 ideas about DIY wedding ideas that you may not have known. You can use these floral hacks and save a lot of money!

#1: Cut the stems at 45˚ angle

To elongate the life, retain the freshness and color of the flowers, you can turn them into DIY wedding flowers. The moment the flowers arrive, cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees. After this is done, put them in a bowl of water. More surface area absorbs more water from the stem. This DIY wedding idea will help in retaining the freshness of the flower.

#2: Buy flowers in bulk

The usage of flowers is extensive at weddings. Buying the flowers in bulk is one of the best tips and tricks for a DIY wedding. You should opt for wholesale wedding flowers. You’ll get a good quantity at a very nominal price.

#3: DIY confetti

Most of the time, wholesale flowers are used as confetti to sprinkle at the newly-wed couple. This causes unnecessary wastage of blooms. An amazing DIY wedding idea,you can use petal confetti. Cut the petals off the flower bud and put them in a basket. These petals can be distributed amongst the guests to sprinkle at the couple. You could even opt for DIY wedding flower packages and use them to prepare some confetti.

DIY Confetti for weddings

#4: Mix and match flowers

The bridal bouquet has a lot of importance and hype. If you want yours to be unique, you can DIY it! For DIY wedding flowers, pick the flowers that are significant to you. Mix and match various varieties and sizes of flowers to make your bouquet unique.

#5: Make use of succulents

Succulents have been a part of the wedding trend lately. A few DIY wedding ideas include succulents and how to use them and spice them up. The succulents come with a soil pot. That makes it quite messy. Succulents are known to survive without water and soil for a long time. So, use them without the soil. To spice them up, you could use some gold or silver paints. This could add a metallic detail to your decoration.

Succulents for DIY Weddings

#6: Embellish your wedding cake

You can make your layered wedding cake look gorgeous and personal by studding it with the flowers that go with your theme. Choose where to put them, so that it doesn’t look overdone.

#7: Assemble a table-scape

Table-scape looks pretty and aesthetic when laid on long tabletops. You can add this in the DIY wedding ideas list, as it is very easy to make. Place the bigger leaves at the bottom and build it up with ferns and small flowers. Secure it with barbed wire to keep it together.

beautiful DIY wedding cake

#8: Use wreaths as a DIY centerpiece

If you’re on a budget, you can amp up a simple wreath and turn it into a centerpiece. Using DIY wedding flower ideas, you can use bright flowers, fairy lights, and candles with the wreath laid down as a base. It’ll look elegant and classy.

#9: DIY glass vase centerpiece

This DIY wedding idea is absolutely gorgeous. You need a long glass vase and some flower stems of your choice. Fill the vase with water and make the flower stem stand inside. You can arrange a few of these together and keep some candles around.

#10: Make your own floral accessories

Be it flower crowns or boutonnieres; there’s always a special touch it you DIY. Choose the flowers and leaves you want to add and string them together to create your unique floral accessories.

Glass Vase Centerpieces for DIY Wedding

#11: Create cute and simple floral arrangements

A cute DIY wedding idea is to create your own tabletop floral arrangements. It is easy.Take a nice vase, use the main flower that has big petals and use some leaves around it. You can follow a theme to make it uniform and elegant.

#12: Hanging mason jars

Why constrain yourself to just floor arrangements. Use glass mason jars and fill it with flowers and lights. You can hang them at tree branches and lamp posts to beautify the wedding location.

Hanging Mason Jars for DIY Wedding

#13: Buy wedding flowers online

Buying wedding flowers online can save you a lot of time and money. Websites like Whole Blossoms sell wholesale wedding flowers at a very nominal price. The catalogs are laid out in an organized way.This makes choosing your flowers easy. There are convenient delivery options across the USA.

Use these DIY wedding ideas and save a whole lot of money and have a great wedding! Make your wedding an elegant one with these simple and budgeted tips and tricks for DIY wedding. Have a happy and memorable wedding!

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