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Winter Wedding Flowers With Peonies

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winter wedding flowers

Winter is in full swing and perhaps you are considering having your wedding or special event now. It’s difficult to find the right window of opportunity these days, but Wedding Planners and Event Planners are already ordering from Whole Blossoms, and we have seen many Winter Weddings taking place. It’s still not too late to plan one before spring and if you have decided on a micro wedding, or a wedding where you are cutting the costs, you may want to consider Floral Designs with Peonies.

The Peony Flower is probably our more expensive, but most popular for weddings. There is something about the Peony that makes a wedding look luxurious. There is simply no other Flower that will look better than a Sarah Bernhardt Peony or any other Peony Plant for Wedding Bouquets, Centerpieces, and other Wedding Flowers.

Peony Arrangements look exciting because they have lush heads and a distinctively fragrant scent. I know whenever we get some for our home; we try to assemble a beautiful arrangement with Pink Peonies and are always delighted at the size of how they open up and their length of freshness.

Peonies Season is important to keep in mind, so always look for their availability for your wedding or event.

These big hearty blooms are perfect for a Peony Background as well. Experts in the floral industry will be quick to tell you that many brides prefer them because they are a symbol of prosperity and happiness. They are the perfect choice for a Bridal Bouquet. Many other varieties of Flowers will assemble nicely with the various Peony Colors, such as Peonies and Hydrangeas, and Peonies and Roses.

Brides all over the world love them and the two most popular colors are Pink Peony Flowers, and White Peony. Depending on your wedding or event theme, you must be sure to check our many Types Of Peonies, such as:

  • Red Peony
  • Yellow Peony
  • Coral Charm Peony
  • Purple Peonies
  • Blue Peonies
  • Coral Peony
  • Coral Sunset Peony
  • Burgundy Peonies
  • Black Peony
  • Blush Peonies
  • Light Pink Peonies
  • Peach Peony

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and we may be able to locate it for you. We often times are able to find to difficult to impossible Blooms.

Not only are they great for Bouquets, Centerpieces, and backdrops, they are also magnificent for Floral Crowns, and other great Centerpiece Ideas.

Lilies are another good variety of flowers that will arrange well in a Peony Bridal Bouquet in which you can create the traditional wedding appearance with large, blooming heads that captivate the attention of your wedding guests.

Another reason many select this variety is because of their exotic appearance. Once you see them in an arrangement, you will never forget their incredible beauty.

Plan ahead now and order your peonies ahead of time because they sell out quickly. Our farms are great at providing for the demand and we make sure we only bring you the best quality. Alaska is abundant in Peonies as they have the perfect climate and soil to grow them in.

Don’t be shocked, but they are a bit more expensive, but once you see them, you will quickly see why they are priced that way. At Whole Blossoms, however, we can get them at the lowest prices guaranteed. We have a big jump already for the upcoming wedding season.

When you order from our website, you will also be pleased to know that they are Fresh Cut Flowers directly from the farm. This will guarantee you the longest vase life possible. Each bloom can fully open and reveal amazing fullness that will last a very long time.

Other flower varieties you may consider arranging them with Carnations and Spider Mums. Arranging with these varieties will provide some interesting contrast, yet complement them in so many ways.

One final thing to consider with this variety is the great photographs you will get from them. Just look for pictures of brides and peonies and just look at how happy they appear and how glowing such a tremendous variety can provide.

Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com, or give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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