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Orchid Wedding Bouquet & Flowers

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Orchids are very beautiful flowers; they are exotic and come in many different colors and shapes that make any room brighten up. They also are elegant and really attractive to the eye which makes a perfect orchid wedding bouquet. Every color of the orchids have a special meaning, you can combine them to make your bouquet full of love and magic. All bride dreams of having the perfect bouquet and orchids are the ones to choose.

Orchid Wedding Bouquet

On your wedding you want all eyes on you,that is why walking the aisle is the most important part of your wedding, because this is the moment when you are handed to your future husband and life partner. Having the perfect dress and makeup is really important. The perfect bouquet is also a really big deal, because it is what makes you stand out, with the combination of your white big dress and beautiful bouquet.Choosing the perfect flowers for a bouquet is a task that has to be well prepared. An orchid wedding bouquet can never go wrong; they are delicate and passionate at the same time, not even to mention their wide selection of colors.

Orchid Wedding Bouquet 2

White orchids mean purity and eternal love; you can use it on your bouquet to express pure love to your beloved future husband. Red orchids are passion; blue orchids express tranquility, peace and calm. Pink orchids express femininity and seduction, perfect for your bouquet.  It is amazing how you can express a feeling with flowers.

The orchid family have varieties that  have a sweet scent  that would give a bridal bouquet an extra special touch and have all eyes on you on your most important day.

Combine and mix different varieties of orchids with other flowers like garden roses and/or fillers like baby’s breath to create a beautiful bouquet. You can play with different colors, soft and bright ones. Combine different scents to give your bouquet a touch of originality.

You can also do DIY projects with all the variety of orchids that Whole Blossoms has to offer, use different colors and take advantage of the scents that some of these have to create your ideal bouquet.


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