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Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns

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Created by Enzina Marrari & Whole Blossoms

Fresh flower gown

At Whole Blossoms, we always try to deliver happiness to our clients by giving them phenomenal and breathtaking wedding flowers. We want to be able to provide joy and we are very glad to hear back from our valued customers. Today, I want to share with you the story of an extraordinary customer who is responsible for creating this beautiful wearable art and who is interested in merging fashion design and sculpture to create wearable art pieces. Her name is Enzina Marrari and she incorporates painting, drawing, craft, fiber arts and sculpture into two and three dimensional forms, this provides a different avenue for Marrari to investigate the connections between process and outcome, person and object. She turned to Whole Blossoms to assist her with making this dream come true, because of the convenient way to order wedding flowers. The experience she had with her wholesale flowers was great, she enjoyed the premium quality and the excellent customer service experience.

Enzina Marrari is a performance and visual artist whose work addressees themes of the social, personal and political elements of the human experience, which results in a sense of exposure and investigation that is consistent throughout her work. Enzina was born in Chicago, IL in 1980 and received her MA in Studio and Mixed Media Arts from New York University and her BA in Sculpture from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  She is currently the Art Director for Middle Way Café and she also volunteers for International Gallery of Contemporary Art where she is a studio resident. Marrari was awarded a residency through Proyecto Ace Artist Residency Program in 2011. She has also received two Best In Show awards in the No Big Heads National Self Portrait Competition through the University of Alaska Anchorage. She placed Top 5 for three consecutive years in Anchorage’s Object Runway placing first in 2010, fifth in 2011 and in 2012 she placed third in People’s Choice.

Enzina Marrari was creating three wearable art garments for the 2013 Object Runway Wearable Arts competition in Anchorage, Alaska. “Object Runway” is an art event put on every year by the International Gallery of Contemporary Art. The idea is a spin-off of the popular show Project Runway, and invites artists, designers, crafters, and any/everyone, to create pieces of art that can be worn on a body and down a runway. To star her project, she decided to use bulk flowers in order to create the amazing look she was trying to achieve. Enzina used different varieties of wholesale flowers such as: Organic Ecuadorian Roses, Multicolor Snapdragons, Blue Delphiniums, Baby’s Breaths, Alaska Wildflowers and grasses as you can see in the pictures and also in the explanations below which consisted of “Beloved”, “Wildflower”, “Drift”.

“Beloved” is a ball gown made entirely of wholesale roses and accents of Baby’s Breath. This gown consisted of about 1,000 fresh red roses on a base structure of elastic cotton fabric, wire hoop skirts and layers of petticoats. The completed garment weighed about 75lbs. The construction of this gown was extremely difficult and took about 20 hours to complete. This gown was intended to reflect a blooming of the heart.

Fresh flower gown 2Fresh flower gown 3

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