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Valentine’s Day Tips!

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Valentine’s Day Tips

Whether or not you are aware of it, the average of woman knows as much about varieties of flowers as the average of men about varieties of cars. Just as man talk about the day they buy that sports car, woman also spends their time talking about flowers and about the day they get them. Woman love flowers, they will always expect men to give them some and this is due to the simple fact that they love to receive flowers because they feel loved, they feel pretty and woman love to feel that they are appreciated. As the saying goes, “what counts is the intention”, most woman will appreciate both the intention and the flowers but the desire does not stop there, believe it or not, there is another longing that is perhaps the most important for them and perhaps, that men understand less and is giving flowers when they least expect them. Now Valentine is coming and you MUST prepare something special for her, doesn’t have to be something very expensive but you do have to give her Valentine’s Day flowers.

Sending Flowers to a woman is one of the most romantic actions throughout history. It is as exciting as buying jewelry or taking your loved one to a tropical paradise during the weekend. You will realize that sending flowers is also one of the most economic and exciting actions. When you send flowers to a woman, you will cover three expectations that most women have when they are in a relationship: feeling loved, feeling beautiful and that the people around them think that too. Although the latter does not seem so important, it is generally the most important aspect of receiving flowers.
Still, don’t believe it? Ask yourself why woman often send flowers to themselves. Yes, they do it, and not just because they love flowers. If so, they would just go and buy some flowers at the store to fix their house with them or put them on their desk. That’s a lot cheaper, as most guys know. So, how is it different from the fact that they are sent? Woman love to feel loved and what’s the best way to do so and it is to love them self, that’s the reason why most women send flowers to themselves.

As we already know, roses are the quintessential Valentine flowers. One of the most traditional gifts are red roses, there are tons of colors available but the most classic ones have always been red passion. Still, if you want to innovate a little, there are millions of different flowers and millions of roses of different types. But be careful with the different colors because you can give the wrong impression since each color means something different.
As we have just said, red roses indicate passion, oranges mean friendship and yellow ones that mean jealousy. On the other hand, plants like orchids are ideal for cheerful people. Attention to the colors because purple orchids usually transmit desire, Obviously these are very subjective standards, not everyone knows the meaning and not everyone gives flowers thinking about the intention of their type or color. If you want to give Valentine flowers a little more different. In addition to Roses and Orchids, you have other super fun options such as narcissus that have an attractive aroma and come in white color.

According to marriage counselors, psychologists, astrologers, restaurant waiters and flower sellers, on Valentine’s Day thousands of couples celebrate this date in a special way because it is the day that they once chose in the previous years to meet each other on a first date, to declare themselves to begin a courtship, and even to deliver the engagement ring and put a wedding date, in moments like that always, I repeat, always! Flowers are the perfect present. But, according to florist interviewed about the meaning of flowers, “it will never be the same to give a single type of flower than to give a bouquet of different flowers spreading from it.” In fact they explain, each flower has its own meaning associated with its name, its aroma, its color and the way it is presented, whether solitary in a case, a dozen in a floral bouquet wrapped in fine paper.
With flowers, we express feelings that sometimes we do not dare to say in words, and that helps us to strengthen ties of love and friendship. According to their color, flowers have different meaning, they are vehicles for the expression of endless statements of diverse feelings such as love, tenderness, passion, sincere friendship, or the beginning of a new stage in the relationship, such as passing the friendship to the courtship, of the engagement to the marital commitment or to suggest a night of passion. So many feeling you can express during this special day which is Valentine’s Day by just giving beautiful flowers.

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