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Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations

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The Sunflower name derives from its shape. It is also known for capturing the sun. Sunflowers are native to North and South America and symbolize loyalty, best wishes and pride. Sunflowers are beautiful to use in wedding decorations, flower arrangements, anniversaries, holiday, or any occasion. Sunflowers have different varieties; these varieties will brighten up your event and will complete your bridal bouquet.

I am going to start off with the Yellow Dark Center flower. It comes in three different sizes. You will need to make sure to choose the right size for your floral arrangements and bouquets! The medium has a center diameter of 1.6″ & the Petal to Petal diameter is 4.0″ On the other hand the Large has the Center Diameter of 2.0″ & the Petal to Petal Diameter is 4.4″. Now if you want your bridesmaid to carry only one sunflower you can order the extra-large that has a center diameter of 2.4″-3.1″ & the petal to petal diameter is 4.8″-5.5″.

The ever popular mini sunflower is used for parties and special events. Create a fun ambiance with a playful display of fresh cut small sized sunflowers. Add to flower arrangements or leave as stand-alone for a cheerful display of bright yellow.

If you want to use a chocolate color for your wedding decorations you can buy online wholesale Chocolate Sunflowers. These sunflowers are grown in California. They are about are 24-32 inches long and come with medium to large sized heads. If you are looking for a red color then you will want the red sunflower. This wholesale red sunflower variety is imported from Colombia and Ecuador and is naturally tinted to create the red tint that adorns its petals. Used as an excellent contrast with inspiring floral centerpieces, red sunflowers are also perfect flowers for the Fall and Halloween season. Weddings inspire sweetness and happiness. The Teddy Bear sunflower is a novelty sunflower that grows a thick, furry coat of stems. Soft, fluffy and bearing only a small center,

I will give some ideas to use sunflowers for centerpieces and other wedding decorations. For example you can use Yellow Sunflowers, Green Button Poms, White Daisy Poms & Tree fern to create and outstanding centerpiece to decorate all of your wedding tables. You can also make a bridal bouquet with sunflowers, red and white roses, Queen Anne’s lace and aspidistra. Sunflowers are great also on wedding cake decorations, flower girl hair decorations, car, and to decorate your ballroom with.

Spider mums, gerberas, Hypericum berry, White Bouvardia, and Freesia are some flower names and fillers that will just go fantastic with sunflowers.The white Anastasia spider mums are striking and playful Chrysanthemum flowers, they are larger in size than regular Fuji spider mums. Fresh cut Orange Gerbera Daisy flowers are a popular color to brighten any room through a flower centerpiece or as a striking display to a bride’s bouquet. With a positive and playful demeanor, orange gerberas are perfect for wedding centerpieces, bouquets, Halloween setups and other floral arrangements. Hypericum berries are a favorite filler for wedding flowers and events! Hypericum is a great choice if you want to add a finishing touch of beauty to your bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces. Each hypericum stem measures between 18 to 26 inches.

Each stem bears between 10-20 off white berries with each berry ranging in size between 1 to 2 cm. White Bouvardia has a delicate fragrance and it comes with gorgeous star shaped blooms. This lovely and elegant flower is a perfect choice for weddings, special occasions or for any type of flower arrangements. The Freesia represents innocence, thoughtfulness, and trust. And there is no better way to communicate that with a fresh cut of assorted freesia flowers. Use freesia to brighten up any room environment or for other floral arrangements that demand an assorted color.

I have provided you with several names of sunflowers and in addition I have given you the names of some flowers that will make your wedding decorations, bridal bouquets and flower arrangements look just unbelievable. Enjoy the sunflowers and make the best out of your event.

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