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Unleashing Pastel Elegance: The Magic of ’70s Themed Wedding Dance Parties with Pastels 

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Newlywed couple in pastel colors for 70's wedding theme.

The resurgence of ’70s-themed weddings is a nostalgic nod to an era of free-spirited style and bohemian chic. This trend sees couples infusing their weddings with bold color palettes, psychedelic prints, and whimsical decorative elements reminiscent of the era. From paisley patterned invitations to bell-bottomed bridal outfits and flower-powered decorations, these weddings embody the non-traditional, spirited vibe of the ’70s. Notably, the dance parties at these weddings are characterized by disco balls, vintage vinyl records, and iconic ’70s music tracks, making them an unforgettable experience. 

Flowers play a critical role in setting the mood for a ’70s-themed wedding. The choice of blooms, particularly pastel ones, can evoke the era’s romantic, free-spirited ambiance. Pastel florals, with their soft and soothing hues, lend a touch of subtle elegance and whimsy to the décor. They can be used in various aspects – from table centerpieces to bridal bouquets, and from floral crowns to cake decorations. An abundance of pastel flowers in arrangements that echo the ’70s aesthetic can instantly transport guests back in time, creating an atmosphere that is both festive and nostalgic. In essence, the floral arrangement in a 70s-themed wedding functions as much more than mere decoration; it’s a vital element that reflects the era’s charm and influences the overall tone of the celebration. 

The Charm of Pastel Flowers 

Pastel flowers have a unique appeal, predominantly due to their soft, delicate hues and enchanting aura. They are a symbol of tranquility and calmness, infusing the wedding atmosphere with a relaxed and peaceful vibe that aligns perfectly with the laid-back, unstructured aesthetic of the ’70s. Their subtle colors, ranging from pale pinks and gentle lilacs to mellow yellows and soft peaches, offer an understated elegance that complements the bold and vibrant elements typically associated with this era. Serving as a harmonizing force, pastel flowers can provide a visually pleasing contrast, softening the vivid colors and patterns of the ’70s aesthetic. With their timeless beauty and romantic appeal, pastel flowers can enrich the ’70s-themed wedding decor, enhancing the event’s authenticity and creating an immersive, memorable experience for all attendees. 

The connection between pastel flowers and the ’70s aesthetic is deeply intertwined, reflecting the era’s love for nature and freedom of expression. The ’70s was a period marked by bold self-expression, diversity, and a strong affinity for natural elements, all of which are mirrored in the choice of pastel flowers. The gentle hues of these blooms capture the essence of the ’70s’ aspiration for peace, love, and tranquility, acting as counterpoints to the era’s bold, vibrant patterns. Their unassuming elegance ties in with the decade’s penchant for simplicity and the unconventional, balancing out the psychedelic prints and vivid colors that are iconic to the ’70s style. In this sense, the use of pastel flowers in a ’70s-themed wedding dance party not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also bolsters the authenticity of the era’s representation. Furthermore, the delicate, romantic aura of pastel flowers encapsulates the bohemian spirit of the ’70s, thereby uniting all elements of the event and creating a cohesive, immersive experience. 

Popular Pastel Flowers for a 70s-Themed Wedding 

  1. Peonies: Known for their large, fluffy blooms, peonies in soft pink or peach lend a touch of romantic elegance to the décor. Their lush, full-bodied appearance makes them a popular choice for table arrangements and bridal bouquets. 
  1. Roses: Pastel roses, especially in shades of soft pink or creamy white, are a timeless choice. They symbolize love and romance, making them a perfect fit for wedding décor. 
  1. Lilacs: Offering a gentle hue and a sweet, intoxicating fragrance, lilacs in light purple or lilac shades are a nod to the laid-back vibe of the ’70s. 
  1. Hydrangeas: These versatile flowers, available in shades of pale blue, lavender, and pink, are known for their voluminous clusters of blooms, making them a great option for centerpieces. 
  1. Daisies: These simple, cheerful flowers, particularly in white or soft yellow, symbolize purity and innocence. Daisies were a popular choice in the ’70s and can add a sense of nostalgia to the décor. 
  1. Sweet Peas: Known for their delicate, butterfly-like petals and sweet fragrance, sweet peas in pastel shades of pink, peach, or lavender add a whimsical touch to the floral arrangements. 
  1. Cherry Blossoms: Characterized by their delicate, blooming clusters in shades of soft pink, cherry blossoms can create a dreamy, romantic ambiance aligned with the ’70s aesthetic. 

Symbolism For Each Variety 

Each of these flowers not only adds beauty to the décor, but also carries its own unique symbolism that resonates with the themes of love, peace, and harmony. 

  1. Peonies: Peonies represent romance, prosperity, and a happy marriage. Their bold, round blossoms are often associated with the moon, reflecting the ’70s fascination with celestial elements. 
  1. Roses: Roses are universally known to symbolize love, beauty, and passion. The pastel varieties, in particular, evoke feelings of admiration, joy, and grace. 
  1. Lilacs: Lilacs are symbolic of first love and innocence. The sweet scent and gentle hues of lilacs echo the free-spirited and romantic vibes of the ’70s. 
  1. Hydrangeas: These flowers symbolize heartfelt emotions, gratitude, and understanding. Their voluminous blooms suggest abundance and generosity, resonating with the era’s communal spirit. 
  1. Daisies: Daisies symbolize purity, innocence, and true love. Their simple, cheerful look aligns perfectly with the ’70s aesthetic of simplicity and freedom of expression. 
  1. Sweet Peas: Sweet peas symbolize pleasure, departure, and thankfulness. Their delicate appearance and sweet scent enhance the whimsical, nostalgic feel of the ’70s-themed wedding. 
  1. Cherry Blossoms: Cherry blossoms are a symbol of renewal, the beauty of life, and the transient nature of existence. Their ephemeral beauty encapsulates the ’70s ethos of living in the moment and embracing change. 

Incorporating Pastel Flowers into the Wedding Dance Party  

Incorporating pastel flowers into the wedding dance party can be done in a multitude of creative ways that align with the ’70s theme.  

  1. Table arrangements: Feature clusters of pastel flowers in vintage glass vases of varying sizes to create an eclectic yet cohesive look. Mixing different types of flowers in one arrangement can add depth and visual interest. 
  1. Bridal bouquet: Consider a bouquet comprising peonies, roses, and sweet peas for a romantic, vintage feel. Add some greenery to balance the soft pastel colors. 
  1. Buttonholes and corsages: For the wedding party, create buttonholes and corsages using smaller pastel flowers such as daisies or sweet peas.  
  1. Flower crowns: Embrace the ’70s hippie vibe with flower crowns made of pastel roses, daisies, or lilacs for the bride and bridesmaids. 
  1. Dance floor decor: Adorn the edges of the dance floor with arrangements of hydrangeas and cherry blossoms. Suspended floral installations above the dance floor can also create a magical ambiance. 
  1. Cake decoration: Pastel flowers can be used to embellish the wedding cake, tying it aesthetically to the overall theme. 
  1. Chair adornments: Softly colored roses or daisies can be tied to the back of chairs, adding a floral touch to the seating arrangement. 

Remember, the key is to maintain a relaxed, natural aesthetic, letting the beauty of the pastel flowers take center stage while complementing the bold, vibrant elements of the ’70s-themed wedding dance party. 

When it comes to incorporating pastel flowers into the dance floor, consider a floral arch at the entrance, which not only creates a grand, inviting entrance but also sets a romantic, ’70s-inspired tone. Hanging installations of mixed pastel flowers above the dance floor can add a sense of whimsy and magic, keeping the décor engaging without obstructing the dancing area. 

Tables can be adorned with a mix of pastel flowers arranged in vintage ceramic or glass vases, complemented by patterned table runners that reflect the ’70s aesthetic. Peonies, roses, and hydrangeas can be arranged as the main focal flowers, with smaller blooms like sweet peas and daisies filling the spaces in between. To give the décor an authentic ’70s touch, consider adding a few strategically placed retro items, such as lava lamps or vintage vinyl records, amongst the flower arrangements.  

For other areas, consider draping strings of pastel flowers along railings or around doorways. The bar area can be decorated with arrangements of pastel flowers combined with greenery and vintage glass bottles. Don’t forget the restrooms – a small arrangement of pastel flowers can be a nice touch to carry the theme throughout the venue. Finally, consider pastel flower garlands as part of the photo booth setup, providing a fun, Instagram-worthy backdrop for guests to capture memories of the day. 

To summarize, the charm of pastel flowers for a ’70s-themed wedding dance party lies in their soft, romantic hues and unique symbolism that resonate with the era’s themes of love, peace, and harmony. Incorporating flowers like peonies, roses, lilacs, hydrangeas, daisies, sweet peas, and cherry blossoms, each with its own unique symbolism, can evoke a sense of nostalgia and align perfectly with the ’70s aesthetic. These flowers can be creatively incorporated into various elements of the décor, from table arrangements and bridal bouquets to dance floor adornments and chair decorations. The ultimate goal is to create a relaxed, natural aesthetic that allows the beauty of the pastel flowers to shine, complementing the bold, vibrant elements of the ’70s-themed dance party. 

Planning a wedding can seem daunting, but remember, it’s a beautiful journey where you get to create a celebration that reflects your unique love story. A ’70s-themed wedding dance party, adorned with pastel flowers, is a wonderful way to evoke nostalgia and romance, infusing your special day with peace, love, and harmony. And when it comes to sourcing your flowers, look no further than Whole Blossoms. With their dedication to providing fresh, sustainably grown flowers, Whole Blossoms can play a crucial role in bringing your ’70s-themed floral dreams to life. So, embrace the journey and let Whole Blossoms light the way to your dream wedding. Remember, love is in the details, and those details start with the perfect flowers.

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