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Try Out Floral Options For DIY Brides

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It is common to hear that more and more brides are looking for new ways to save money and reduce expenses for their wedding. However, it’s no secret that most brides carry little experience in wedding planning, creating flower arrangements or invitations, and in many other planning steps. Due to this lack of knowledge, a number of DIY brides may end up experiencing stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction. This is very unfortunate since planning one’s wedding can be one of the rewarding experiences for a bride and her family. Not only does this save the bride a significant amount of money, but it permits a family get-together which is always rewarding. When everything goes smoothly, they all agree it was the best decision they could have made. Here are a few suggestions to help steer you towards a blissful experience when it comes to that part of the wedding effort surrounding diy flowers.
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We always recommend our brides set up the stage a couple of months before their wedding and use their bridal shower to test flower colors and their ability to create their own arrangements. Bridal showers are an excellent opportunity to try out different shades of colors if you are not sure of which color you would want for your wedding. For instance, you can order purple, lavender, and dark purple flowers and once you receive them, you will be much better informed to determine which shades will go better with your tables, dress, etc.

Your bridal shower, and any other event, is also an excellent opportunity to test out your flowers’ performance, blooming rate, and other important factors. Given that fresh cut flowers are a living product of Mother Nature product, it is especially critical to evaluate the variable results shown with your sampler order.

A diy bride does not need to order a large quantity of flowers prior to their wedding. A bridal shower or pre-wedding party make for excellent opportunities as the amount of flowers needed is generally less than a wedding would require. Simply stay on the minimum quantities sold by your floral wholesaler and take the opportunity to request a mix of colors that would match your wedding color palette. Even if you think your mind is set in regards to colors, the pre-wedding events will provide you an opportunity to test flower combinations including color. Who knows? You might fall in love with your new and very own creations which make for a perfect wedding!

When working with diy wedding flowers, always keep in mind that you are dealing with a product of Mother Nature. Be flexible! Even if you order the same exact products for your wedding that you did for your pre-wedding event, be prepared and aware that you might see slight color variations. Just keep in mind flowers are a live product which will never perform as predictably as a piece of fabric or or other artificial product. But rest assured! If you have previous experience with the product and the process of creating your own floral arrangements, you will surely save energy, stress and time as compared to creating floral arrangements for the very first time.

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