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Thinking for a Destination Wedding? Read This First

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Thinking for a Destination Wedding? Read This First

Destination weddings are growing with time and people are investing a large amount of money for making it a memorable, but this guide will help you to plan your destination wedding as an expert. Take a look at all the tips mentioned in this post, and you will no longer need to worry about anything else. After all, we have tried to cover almost everything you are ever going to need for planning your destination wedding event.

Planning, organizing, and arranging for a destination wedding is such a blissful and tedious experience. And in the upcoming years these are becoming popular among couples to celebrate their big day. Presenting for you some great tips and tricks to be on your set budget and plan a perfect destination wedding for it become a success among family and friends.
So let’s get started!

A few things that you need to keep in mind before you plan a destination wedding will include the following:

●	Ascertain the kind of Ceremony

  • Ascertain the kind of Ceremony

The foremost thing on our checklist should be ascertaining the type of ceremony you want. Are you opting for a small cozy private wedding party? Or a big fat wedding? Do you prefer a day or night wedding? Focus on this point before setting your priorities for the day.

Style theme of your wedding will directly depend upon the type of wedding you have opted. A theme is much more than just selecting your favorite colors, but also opting for a good wedding palette to make sure that the whole aroma using wholesale wedding flowers of your wedding environment reflects the sort of feel you will admire.

  • Decide on Your Venue

This is the most obvious thing after all, this is a destination wedding. But bear in mind there are several factors to ponder about particularly as you have a budget to follow

If your main aim is not to leave the country or your state but just to give your surroundings a change then the question arises how local can you go? For instance, if you reside in Minneapolis or nearby, there are various awesome Minneapolis wedding venues that can be transformed to fit into dream wedding venue. If you’re opting for the beach-windy sort of ceremony discover various beaches and resorts available around you, visit the venue beforehand to make sure it fits your requirements and because of some reasons you can’t take benefits of virtual tours.


If you are not able to figure out the right venue in your country than go international, but keep in mind how far? Because the farther you go the more expensive it becomes. In this case, your previous flight miles, communication with some agents in these countries or family members, will prove to be a great idea and help you secure some extra bucks and time. Do not forget to check online reviews for you venue from the couple who have already planned their ceremony there.

Keep in mind the weather

  • Keep in mind the weather.

Many coastal areas or islands become inexpensive in the late summer and fall as, they are prone to hurricane. Watch out the average temperatures for the month and plan in advance if it’s about to pour. Weather is of primary importance, in case you plan to transport bulk flowers to your destination.


  • Accommodation

Consider the type of accommodation available for you at your venue. Keep in mind your guest while making accommodation plans. Are you going to be having a lot of older people with special requirements? You surely don’t want to check-in somewhere in the middle of a casino and a clubhouse with all the loud noise. Another factor to consider is the accessibility of transportation facility from your venue. Distance from the airport and your vehicle requirements should also be well considered.

Make sure that you get the right accommodation well in advance in your budget and consider other elements like the facilities offered, distance, accessibility, and other special services.
You can also decorate the accommodation rooms using wholesale wedding flowers will create an alluring effect among friends and family.


  • Apply for rewards by planning your event on time

You might get so engrossed in planning your perfect wedding that you forget to book your tickets timely. If you want to stick to your budget and travel it’s essential to always look for discounts, rewards and other opportunities that help you to stay pocket friendly and fly to your destination.

Begin by figuring out online prices. Enlist various airlines you’ll prefer to take and also use online sites that provide good discounts. We advise you to sign up with reputable platforms like travelbay.co or Trip advisor to advice you with excellent travel packages, various alternatives and secure you from stress , time and money while look after other essential things. Begin pricing flights. From which the majority of your friends and family be flying from? Look for connecting flights? Check to ensure reasonable prices .

Planning in advance is very essential as you might need to travel early and transport bulk flowers to ensure things are put in place.

  • Get to know the area.

Know about the minimum stays at the resort. If you are opting for the Tres Chic Resort and they need a tres-night stay, than ensure there’s an alternate hotel for guests won’t be staying long.  Ask early about vendors. Usually in resort locations, there is one florist who will help you with ordering bulk flowers, one wedding coordinator, a few of caterers, maybe a DJ or two. Lesser alternatives might sound like a dream but if you’re choosy, be prepared for fewer choices.

  • Consider the Exchange rate

Regardless of planning your wedding in your place or far away can turn out to be a costly affair, in spite of the fact that you’re on a tight budget. Being in a foreign land ,If you don’t have a favorable exchange rate venue then sit back and see you saving flicker out in air.

This should be prioritized while selecting the venue, but if you insist on your venue despite of its high exchange rates, try equipping yourself from your home. Don’t leave any further shopping from the destination. Buy everything you require from pin to plane to save your pockets from unnecessary expenses.

Also inform your guests in advance if in case they were planning to go for shopping or planning to set a small vacation in your wedding or planning anything other than the wedding ceremony.


  • Check the local calendar.

Avoids planning your wedding during the Bougainvillea Festival or festive that attract tourists and inflates prices, in case you have an idea to have a fresh flower chandelier in mind. On the contrary do you want to plan an off season wedding, when half the restaurants are shut down and there’s nothing going on around? Choose a time when its off season to get the best rates and prices when making bookings.

Send your invites early

  • Send your invites early

Inform your guests early enough if you are planning for something dreamy and exotic. The more exotic the venue of your wedding, the more awed your guests will be, particularly if they don’t travel much.

Send early invites as they may require to get visas and passports, do medical checkups, and do some savings up to travel for the wedding.

Provide them with enough information about the city using the right wedding invitation etiquette, weather updates and packing suggestions, wedding decorations like fresh flower chandelier particularly if it would involve in the activities planned in the wedding. And if you would be travelling to a foreign country with foreign language give them some prior knowledge so that they can mug up some common phrases.


Try compiling a small phrasebook and mail them well in advance. Consider the budget of your friends and relatives as well. Will you be happy picking up something that half of them couldn’t even afford? Or will you be satisfied with a two day stay when you can enjoy for a full week?

  • Learn the Local Laws and traditions

Learning about the laws of your wedding destination is an important aspect of the planning process. The outfits you are allowed to wear, language they speak and the wholesale wedding flowers which are available are some essentials you need to get along.

Please figure out about these and convey your expectations to your guests. Your guests will acknowledge your thoughtfulness and focus on the details and will create a memorable wedding experience.

Also discover the laws are applicable for the marriage ceremony as this may change your destination of preference.

Extra Tip:
Make a list of all that you need to do when organizing a destination wedding. While planning for your wedding bear time to plan for your honeymoon as well as you would eventually need it to unfold.

As a matter of fact that you had a destination wedding, particularly if it was somewhere exotic and far from home, may drive you into a false sense of satisfaction in advance and you decide not to go on a honeymoon. Then don’t let yourself do such thing. The stress and anxiety that a wedding backs up irrespective of it being a destination or regular on, needs a period of sheer rest before being welcomed in the real world. I strongly agree that this could only be done on honeymoon so please avoid skipping it.


There you have it – all the ideas put together so that you can plan your destination wedding event in the smoothest possible manner. The question is – are you up for it?


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