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The Beauty Of Hydrangeas

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Green Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are a very trendy and admired flower variety. I still remember watching my grandfather planting white hydrangeas for my grandmother; they used to sit in their lawn chairs by the garden, hand in hand and admiring at their marvelous floral display. Sadly they are not really appreciated as much these days because of the variety of other flowers available nowadays. Every time I look at hydrangeas I think of such fond memories.

One thing that always comes to mind when I think of hydrangeas is that they are far more within your means than most of the other varieties people plant or use for displays or events. New varieties can grow in cool climate and have deep and rich colors. Whole Blossoms has a number of varieties which are listed below for you. Certain hydrangeas can change color depending on which soil they are planted in. We see it a lot with few varieties that come from Colombia and California. Farms try to create new colors by experimenting with alkaline and acid conditions of the soil, also red hydrangeas are found to radically enhance by adding a layer of chalk or lime stone.

Planting and caring for hydrangeas is rather simple. They always blossom well when planted in an area that is sunny, has moist soil, and abundant room to grow without the need to be pruned very often. Excess of shade would cause a many problems, especially when if they are planted under a tree. Trees need the moist soil that hydrangeas provide and their roots can interrupt their ability to drink water.

They are also disease resistant, although at times they can be infected. Mildew occasionally forms in heavy shade and humid surroundings. Leaf spots, rust and root rot can come about if they are planted in the erroneous conditions. Hydrangeas make magnificent cut flowers and are ideal for bouquets, but one thing to bear in mind is the variation of colors that can occur caused by soil and climate conditions as mentioned earlier.

If you are planning to use hydrangeas for an event, we have some useful tips for you. At times customers worry that their hydrangeas would look wilted. Firstly, if they do appear wilted it’s because they need a lot of water to drink and miss it in their transport. We ask our customers not to worry, they are absolutely normal.

Wilted Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas that seem wilted, however this is normal

The stems of hydrangeas contain a liquid which seals the bottom so that the heads can’t receive water, even if you cut it they still won’t receive water. One solution is to peel the bottom of the stem with a kitchen peeler all the way around, the same way you would peel a potato. Then you make cuts all over the peeled part with the help of a knife. This would make the heads get really big because they would be able to absorb more water. To get hydrangeas to their maximum size on the heads, after peeling the stems, fill a tub with water at room temperature it’s better to use filtered water. Once the tub is filled then fully dip the stem and head, they shouldn’t be just floating, but completely submerged for four to six hours and it is phenomenal! You can see them come back to life. These flowers are tremendously sensitive to water. This is why hydrangeas shipped from a long distance may appear dying or wilted, they just require hydration, but the end result is a beautiful flower looking all fresh and perked up for arrangements. The heads look full enough that, you can even make a bouquet with just one stem.

Once more, keep in mind if your hydrangeas seem true blue, based on the pH levels in the rain in the farms, your hydrangeas might have a dash of purple and farms truly don’t have the means of predicting this sort of effect. At Whole Blossoms, we wish that this article was helpful to you and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in completing any order for hydrangeas or other floral needs you may have.

Hydrangea varieties currently available with us:




Natural Blue

Green Antique

Elite Shocking Blue

Elite Lavender

Elite Lavender Blue

Elite Purple

Tinted Black

Tinted Assorted

Tinted Lavender

Tinted Purple

Tinted Berenjena Dark Purple

Tinted Antique Purple

Tinted Jumbo Lavender

Tinted Green

Super Select Blue

Super Select White

Jumbo Light Blue

Jumbo White

Jumbo Lime Green

Jumbo Blue

Dutch Lavender

Dutch Blue


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