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Winter Wedding Bouquet

Typically, when you think of an outdoor wedding, you might be thinking in the middle of summer, late spring, and even early fall, but have you considered an outdoor winter wedding? You might be surprised, but a winter wedding outdoors might be something you can consider. Statistics show that 40% of weddings occur between May and August, 34% between September and December, yet 25% are still having weddings between January and April.

You can have a very “cool” experience if you plan it right and have the right Wedding Flowers.  First of all, you will want to warn everyone. You can’t imagine the frustration of your family and friends as they show up to your wedding, only to find that it is outside in the cold. You also want to make sure you dress up warm, even with earmuffs and scarves on your bridesmaid, your wedding photos are going to look pretty cool.

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