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10 wedding hacks to personalize your big day

Surely it is a big day for you and you want everything from wedding venue to your wedding outfit to turn out to be perfect. The race to perfection causes immense stress and pressure among bride-to-be. Calm you down all you need to worry about is your dark circles and fading skin because of the stress and not about these preps because we promise to make this day worth remembering for you by using the right tips and tricks.

Rather than spending your day pondering about ways to please your guests, or is your caterers are present on time, or is your footwear perfect for the occasion keeping in mind the weather you should spend your days thinking about your life ahead- a happy beautiful life and you will spend your entire night stress free chilling with your family and friend. To turn your dreams into reality use these hacks available.

To enhance your happy moments and make your wedding preparations easy, we have summed up some highly useful and practical tricks that every bride-to-be should take into account.

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Do You Know Flower Can Help Improve Mental Health

Flowers are not only used for decoration or present as a gift, but they are also used for used for improving the mental health. This post is an effort to provide you insightful information on how to use them for health.

A wise man once said, “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.”

You must have seen those beautiful bulk flowers being used to decorate wedding events, in fact not just wedding events but almost all events that we celebrate.

This is the reason that when someone talks about flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is their aroma and their beautiful appearance. However it is a well-known fact in the scientific community that there flowers play a much bigger role in our ecosystem. In fact, not just in our ecosystem but flowers have some important part to play in improving mental health in us all humans.

The immediate question that might have popped up in your mind would be – how can that be possible? How can flowers help in improving mental health? This must be crazy!

As crazy as it might sound, but the fact of the matter is that science has proven that flowers do play a role in improving mental health. And, this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post.

Flowers and Mental Health: What’s the connection?

To get to know in detail about the ways in which flowers can make your mental health better, we will discuss about individual flowers and their benefits first. So, let us get to it –

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