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Some tips to buy flowers for your wedding

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Best places to buy bulk fresh flowers

Weddings are a beautiful affair, made more enchanting with an entrancing decoration. One of the most common thing about all weddings is the flowers.  It is a difficult task deciding on the type of flowers you want to buy. You can search for days on end and may still not be able to find the floral arrangements you are looking for or may find them to be out of your budget. To avoid this, try to find the best places to buy bulk fresh flowers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while selecting flowers for your big day.

  1. Venue of the wedding

The venue of your wedding plays a very important part in deciding the floral decoration you want to incorporate. White and blue themed flowers like white roses or Cymbidium orchids, for example, are popular with seaside weddings. Take into consideration if it’s a day wedding or a night wedding, as for a day wedding, when the sun is beaming down, you have to use flowers that can stay fresh for longer period of time and won’t become dull. For a night wedding, choose soft and bright pastel colors.  Work with the venue, and not against it.

  1. Budget

While flowers everywhere may look nice, they are not in everyone’s budget. Even though you may feel connected to a certain type of flower or may fall in love with an exotic flower, it is not always easy to incorporate them into your wedding, as they may cost more. If you arrive at such a situation, try finding similar flora or flowers with the same meaning. For example, hydrangeas can be replaced by Cockscomb. Try finding the best places to buy bulk fresh flowers so as to avoid over-budgeting.

  1. Meaning of flowers

Another popular trend with weddings is to choose flowers that hold a meaning to the bride and groom, be it the first flowers they received from each other, or the meaning behind the flower that pulls them in. not only it makes for a pretty decoration, but also makes the wedding more special. Yellow Daffodil, for example, signifies new beginnings. Similarly, Gillyflower signifies a happy life. Meaningful flowers make up for a meaningful celebration.

  1. Time of the wedding

Whether it a day wedding or a night wedding plays an important role in selecting the flowers.  In the daytime, for example, with the sun beaming down, it is important to choose flowers that would stay fresh for longer periods of time and won’t wither fast. Day weddings mostly include sober or classical flower decorations, as compared to night weddings, which often include bright colors. Pastel colors have recently become popular and can be used at any given time, be it night or day.

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