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Preparing For Christmas Day

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Christmas Celebrate with Whole Blossoms

Our family at Whole Blossoms decorates our offices with wholesale flowers because the Christmas spirit is not only for our homes but also to be shared with our family at work.  We understand that adults and children look forward to Christmas Day. It is not only a time to receive gifts but it is also a time to give. We believe it is priceless when you give your loved ones a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers and they put it in the center of their table. From our family to your family we want to provide you with different ideas of what to use during this holiday. Decorating the outside of your front door with a Bay leaf and Wholesale Pepper berry Wreath, makes you want to go inside and see how else the house has been decorated. The Bayleaf and Wholesale Pepperberry Wreath is a fragrant wreath, in addition it has pepperberries. The bay leaves are carefully plucked from bay trees to produce this lovely, fresh wreath.

Once your guest enter your home they can see that your living room table has been decorated with an Evergreen Square Wreath with Cones and that it was made with a mix of noble fir, oregonia, shore pine, port orford cedar, and salal decorated with three sets of cones, not only does it have the cones but in addition there are some dazzling white amaryllis and wholesale Red Piano Garden Roses that emit a low fragrance. In the center of your dining room you can have a single candle sitting in a fresh cut Magnolia Leaf Wreath. This brings the sight of fresh magnolia leaves to your home and events for a warm and cozy ambience. After sitting at the table with all the family and enjoying a wonderful meal, I can just imagine the children and everyone are ready to sit around the tree and listen to a Christmas story, while drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows. Since the room is already lit up with a Christmas tree, and a beautiful center piece, a touch of red Seeded Eucalyptus on the windows invites you to that Christmas Spirit that you and your loved ones are looking for.

You diffenetely can add also a small Boxwood Christmas Tree to your decorations. Whole Blossoms Boxwood Trees are grown at our farms and shipped direct to you for extra days of freshness and joy! In addition to this you can use the Dark Red Hypericum flowers. Fresh dark Red Hypericum berry flowers are available throughout the year and range in length between 18-26 inches. A commonly used green and filler, red hypericum berries sit atop thin yet rigid stems. Each stems bears between 10-14 berries with each berry measuring 1 to 2cm in width. Choose from dark red hypericum berries or other festive colors for your creative floral needs such as red, white, green, chocolate, and yellow. Hypericum flowers are packed carefully at the farm and shipped soon after harvest for maximum freshness upon delivery.

Christmas time is not only about opening the gifts that you have been waiting for all year long, but it is also about feeling loved and loving everyone that comes in contact with you. It is about always remembering the nice and cozy environment that you and your family created for all those who came into your home and shared memorable times together. Keeping in mind that you have so much to be grateful about it would be very nice to give every family that leaves your home something to remember you by, maybe a Red Rose Pin Corsage Flower or a White Rose Pin Corsage Flower along with a Merry Christmas card.


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