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Importance of Hydrangeas for Weddings or Special Events

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Wedding Hydrangeas Bouquet

When it comes to Wedding Flowers, or simply flowers for special events, Hydrangeas are an exceptional variety of blooms that can do some wonderful things. When searching for Wholesale Flowers, Whole Blossoms has over 3,000 varieties to choose from, however, our Hydrangeas For Sale can exceed your expectations in many wonderful and exciting ways.

They serve as a focal flower and/or tremendous filler, much the same way can use Babys Breath Flowers, and however, you can get a tremendous advantage point from working with a Hydrangea.

Considering Hydrangeas Wholesale, it helps to understand their symbol of perseverance. Each flower has an average vase life of about 5 days, but can be extended further when properly maintained, trimmed at the bottom of the stems, and continually hydrated.

When considering them for weddings, it is important to note that a wedding is supposed to be one of the most important days of a couple’s life. They have a soft and divine appearance that ads and an exquisite color and texture that is pleasing to the eyes. Selecting the right variety that is perfect for you and taking care of them properly is something we can help you with.

wedding hydrangea bouquet

At Whole Blossoms we have many Hydrangeas to select from, such as:

  • White Hydrangea Flower
  • Natural Blue Hydrangea
  • Pink Hydrangea Natural
  • Hydrangea Natural Green Mini
  • Emerald Green Natural Hydrangea
  • Eggplant Hydrangea Wholesale
  • Super Select Blue Hydrangea
  • Hydrangea Light Blue Tinted
  • Jumbo Lavender Tinted
  • Green Antique Hydrangea Jumbo

We also have many other selections and choices, so please take a look for yourself and consider our many options.

When properly maintaining your hydrangeas, it is important to remember that they love water. They have the ability to absorb water quickly and empty a filled up vase, so it is important to keep an eye on them often. As long as they are hydrated, they will perform very well, so keep filling up the vases with cool, fresh water, also add a packet of flower food to give them added nutrients that will help prolong their vase life.

Another thing to consider, when maintaining your hydrangeas, is that their stems can be blocked by tiny air bubbles, so when adding water, you will also need to trim a tiny bit off the bottom of each stem, to keep them from clotting off at the bottom and not allowing the water to be absorbed in the blooms themselves.

You can make some very sophisticated Bridal Bouquets with Hydrangeas. Once such bouquet could ve composed of: Pink Roses, Orchids, and a Single White Hydrangea. The white will give it a softer balance,, but darker hydrangeas can add some warmth and character.

blue hydrangeas

You have to remember that they can wilt without warning, so understanding the proper care will help you avoid unnecessary surprises.

An advantage we have over local markets is that our hydrangeas come directly from the grower. Hydrangeas usually are at their peak for two to three weeks, and most of the hydrangeas have served their peaks in the coolers of the local floral shop. You won’t waste valuable vase life when purchasing from our website.

When ordering from us, we have had many seem a bit worried that their hydrangeas appear to be dead, and that’s normal, as they tend to wilt quickly without water. They shipping time from the time they are harvested is about two days, so when they arrive, don’t panic! Simply remove them from the boxes, wrapping, and then trim and hydrate. In 24 hours you will see how they quickly come back to life and will keep performing for many days.

We also give you the financial advantage over the local florist, as we sell them wholesale, without a huge mark up, allowing you to save and spend your precious money elsewhere.

The next thing you might want to carefully consider is the important meanings of the different colors. Colors are a powerful language in itself and can say what you want without saying the words.

Pink Hydrangeas certainly signifies romance, heartfelt emotion, care, appreciation, weddings, and love. When you look at this color, you feel love in a way that shows you are in love and ready to commit to it.

White Hydrangeas has the ability to represent purity, abundance, grace, innocence, and articulation. When you have white, not only do you have balance, you have a purity that demonstrates the virtue from within.

Blue Hydrangeas also represents a romantic proposal, forgiveness, apology, regret, and deep sentiments that shows how deeply valued others truly are for their self worth.

Purple Hydrangeas seems to portray understanding and wealth. When you display this color, you allow the richness of your character to come out for all to see.

At Whole Blossoms, we are here to give you what you want. Please check out our entire catalog www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call at: 1-877-259-2566.

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