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Golden Wedding Anniversary

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Rose and Golden Wedding Anniversary

Seeing a couple celebrating their Golden wedding anniversary is a breathtaking sight. Golden wedding anniversary is celebrated when a couple has been married for fifty years. Here we’ll share with you several wholesale flowers that you can use to adorn the ballroom or decorate the wedding chapel where this memorable day will be celebrated.

Let’s start with different types of roses that would look beautiful, fresh cut bicolor orange yellow roses are very popular as they have a long vase life and they bring a beautiful sense of color to your party. We also recommend Baby Romantica garden roses; though they are smaller than single stem peony garden roses they are still a great choice when you want to fill up space in centerpieces and bouquets. Each spray stem has 3 to 5 blooms. You can also go for fresh cut wholesale Toulouse Lautrec Yellow Garden Roses they are perfumed single stemmed roses that vary from dark yellow to yellow in color. Toulouse Lautrec is cup shaped. Yellow roses can also be used as single stems. Talking about roses last but not least are the Yellow Spray Roses. The spray roses are used by when slightly longer stems and bigger heads are required. You can consider the 24inch rose length. Spray roses are used for wedding cakes, flower baskets and combs and where ever petite sized blooms are ideal for creating graceful touches.

Apart from the wholesale roses, let us suggest other flowers that can be used. Gorgeous Fresh cut yellow mini calla lilies can be used. Calla lilies can be easily hydrated, easily arranged, and are simply extraordinary! Mango and Flame Mini Calla Lilies make popular floral arrangements. These wholesale Calla Lilies flowers are used as individual decor however they are also generally used in bride’s bouquets, and in floral centerpieces and boutonnieres. The flame mini calla lilies are yellow with a dark orange red tip like that of a flame. Fresh cut yellow Gladiolus flowers are spectacular with tall stems measuring up to 2 to 3 feet in height and funnel-shaped yellow blossoms.

We also offer several fillers that can be used in a golden wedding anniversary. Dyed Yellow Baby’s Breaths are wonderful fillers that are easy to use. They also known as Gypsophila and are commonly used to complement fresh or dried rose bouquets and floral arrangements. A crested variety of Celosia called Cockscomb is another interesting option this flowers texture looks like human brain or a coral head. This exceptional and assorted flower comes in striking yellow, orange, red and green colors with tall and stiff stems. Celosia Cockscombs are an ideal choice for fresh cut flowers though some people prefer dried Celosia Cockscomb.

All of the wholesale flowers mentioned above can be used in bouquets, vases, centerpieces, boutonnieres or corsages. No matter what you decide to use make sure that this event is memorable for the couple.

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