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4 Ways to Add Color and Texture to Your Fall Wedding

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fall wedding flowersYou’re not limited to pumpkins and mums for your autumn wedding. While you may see such expected images on the covers of magazines at the grocery store, be uplifted by the many ways you can turn fall floral design into a colorful, texture-filled masterpiece for your tabletop design.

The autumn wedding season runs from September to November, and much depends upon where you live in the country. After all, the leaves on the trees start to transform from bright summer greens into autumn reds, oranges, and golds at many different times of the season, depending upon the weather conditions in each region. Weather Web sites offer tracking tools so that you can see where the autumn foliage is in peak season, and while Mother Nature doesn’t adhere to our calendars of when leaves must be bright orange to match our wedding plans, you can certainly plan your centerpieces and wedding décor to capture hues within the range of the season. And even if the tree leaves pass their peak before your wedding, you get to revive those vibrant colors with your masterful centerpieces.

1.       Using Fall Colors

  • Design a centerpiece that reflects the mix of autumn colors in the trees: rich shades of cranberry, persimmon, and gold.
  • A monochromatic centerpiece, such as all cranberry can still include lighter and darker shades of the same color family to add depth.
  • Brown is a top neutral for weddings, often called “the new black,” and plays a big part in autumn floral décor.
  • Browns, tans, and oranges rule the autumn wedding color scheme trends.

2.       Using Seasonal Fruits and Berries

  • Seasonal fruits have long been added to floral and fruit centerpieces, with pomegranates adding rich color
  • Flip the proportions of the floral and fruit centerpieces to contain 90% fruit and 10% accent flowers, such as piles of pomegranates dotted with white or pink flowers
  • With apple orchards and family farms in their prime season, stock up on bright red or green apples for centerpiece accents.
  • Consider fall pears for a softer, pastel centerpiece accent.

3.       Using Seasonal Produce

  • Long considered a great budget-saving trick, using fall produce as centerpieces adds fun and festive seasonal accent to your décor
  • Set a large, uncarved pumpkin at the center of each table; surround it with seasonal flowers and votives
  • Fill a platter or wide vase with guards of different sizes in unique shapes and colors.
  • Autumn corn contains yellow, gold brown, and orange, so build these colors into architectural centerpieces, along with color-coordinated flowers

4.       Using Fall Centerpiece Accents

  • Consider using the wealth of fall centerpiece accents found in nature or at craft stores.
  • These items include fresh colorful leaves, faux autumn leaves in high-quality=silks, acorns, pinecones, stones, natural reed bundles, and fall flowering branches such as Hypericum.
  • Visit a home improvement store to find bulk bags of river stones and mulched wood to use in centerpiece planters, vases, and pots. One bag should suffice for thirty or so centerpieces.

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